Agfa Innovation Automation Process ApogeeX 3.0

Agfa's workflow software, ApogeeX, is a product that is deeply loved and trusted by users. It has more than 20,000 installed capacity in the world. The newly released ApogeeX 3.0 work management process software is even more powerful.

Extremely high connectivity

The most prominent features of the latest version of Agfa's process software are its extremely high connectivity and easy integration with non-Agfa processes.

"Open Connect" ensures that 1-bit Tiffs and DCS Copy Dot files are directly imaged on film or media, and the output accuracy can be adjusted automatically based on the accuracy required by the output device. It can complete network removal, sampling, color management and output high-precision digital proofing proofs using Agfa's Sherpa digital proofing machine or non-Agfa proofing equipment. It can also use "Dot 4Dot" technology to simulate real printing outlets.

The "Open Convert" function can convert popular file formats such as CT/LW and TIFF/IT files. Once the conversion is complete, these files can be exported using Agfa's screening technology, such as Agfa Balanced Network or Sublima. The "Open Connect" and "Open Convert" functions simplify the integration process with Agfa's various types of platesetters, imagesetters, proofing solutions, screening software, and the latest technical media to improve overall production processes and print quality.

Controllable automation performance

ApogeeX 3.0 can provide a variety of work methods, automate prepress tasks, use a variety of scripts, rules, and under certain conditions, ApogeeX 3.0 can automatically make intelligent decisions to complete the division of work modules. Work and run to achieve unattended operation.

Epson ApogeeX 3 Pack Essential simplifies the interface between design software and different output devices, and integrates Agfa's various platemakers, imagesetters, proofing solutions, and screening software with existing packaging workflows. Provides a complete package printing solution. It also has a special option for production control based on JDF. With digital zoom function, ApogeeX 3Pack Essential can perform interpretation processing, digital film drying and nesting functions, all based on the JDF directive issued by Plato, Esko-Graphics' leading packaging publishing software.

ApogeeX Pack Control can meet all prepress production processes for packaging printing, including proofing, automation control and other high-level workflow management tasks. ApogeeX Pack Control adopts specialized control technology to achieve full automatic control of packaging production. .

More new packaging tools are: Spot color conversion for color conversion: Alterno software can reduce spot colors and reduce costs; Dot4 Dot spot proofing can truly reproduce the actual printing effect; remote proofing services can easily achieve multiple points and offsites. Proof. Epson ApogeeX 3.0 has multiple language interfaces, including: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Source: China Packaging News

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Cell Phone Charging Carts,Cell Phone Charging Cart,Phone Charging Station,Smart Phone Charging Cart

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Cell Phone Charging Carts,Cell Phone Charging Cart,Phone Charging Station,Smart Phone Charging Cart

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Cell Phone Charging Cart

Cell Phone Charging Carts,Cell Phone Charging Cart,Phone Charging Station,Smart Phone Charging Cart

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