Alarelin Acetate

Chinese name Alarelin Acetate English name Alarelin Acetate CAS No. 79561-22-1 Molecular formula C56H78N16O12 Molecular weight 1167.33 Purity HPLC 95% 98% Sequence pGlu-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Ala-Leu-Arg-Pro-NHEt Packaging For sterile PE medical bottles (special for peptides) or glass vials, please call the sales manager Ms. Du Yahong for details according to customer requirements! Mobile phone: 13665194758 QQ Phone: 0510-83583038-2104 MSN: Address: Biomedical Science and Technology Building, C5 District, No. 1699 Huishan Avenue, Wuxi City

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Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet.  Film provides extra support while  the products are being transported & storaged to protect them from tip,  spill or from being damaged.  Additionally ,  wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified.  Stretch Pallet Wrapper is widely used in chemical industry electronic industry building materials home appliances papermaking foodstuff & drink etc.

Machine is using a standard type of stretch film packaging material for creating a hard to tear, resistance,waterproof  cover over the baggage. The film is recyclable.width:500mm, thickness:20-25microns, length:1500m, weight:max16kg, 

stretchable,one side sticky, transparent or colored.

TP series Pallet Wrapping Machine with CE certificate widely use for the goods place on the pallet as below picture

TP Series Pallet Wrapping Machine

General Model:

Wrapping size(L*W)
(500-1100)mm*(500-1200)mm (Can be design as requirement)
Packing height
(500-2000)mm (Can be design as requirement)
Packing efficiency
20-40 loads/hour
Turntable speed
Turntable diameter
Diameter:1650mm      height:85mm
Turntable loading(max)
2000kg (Can be design as requirement)
Up-down frame
Double-chain,Up-down speed variable
Film carriage
Control system
Machine weight(max)
Machine size
Single-phase 220V/50Hz (Can be design as requirement)
Turntable:0.75kw, film carriage:0.37kw,  up-down:0.4kw
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Semi-auto Pallet Wrapping Machine

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