Analysis of the Causes and Solutions of Clivia

Clivia is a very common type of potted plant in the family, but in the process of breeding, many people will encounter the situation of Clivia clips. Once handled improperly, it will easily lead to the withering of Clivia. So what should I do if I encounter this situation? Let's let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian tell you the reason and solution of the gentleman blue folder arrow , I hope to help you!


What does the gentleman orchid clip arrow mean:

The gentleman's orchid clip arrow refers to the phenomenon that Clivia can't pull out when the arrow is drawn, and it is caught in the sitting of Lanta. Is it a pity that the beautiful orchids are caught?

The reasons and solutions for the gentleman's orchid clip:

First of all, I have to know the reason why the gentleman is holding the arrow. The reason why the gentleman orchid clips the arrow is generally because the growth temperature is not enough. Generally, the suitable temperature for the growth of Clivia is 20 degrees Celsius. If the indoor temperature is higher or lower than 20 degrees Celsius, it will affect the Clivia extract; the lack of nutrition of Clivia can also cause the Clivia to clip the arrow; The lack of water in Clivia will also affect the arrows.

1. How to handle the Clivia clip arrow according to the reason of the clip arrow. If it is found to be due to temperature, it is necessary to place the Clivia in the air-conditioned room in time, and adjust the room temperature to 20 degrees Celsius; secondly, if it is due to lack of nutrition, it can be used as When the arrow is outcropped, 0.3% of dipotassium hydrogen phosphate is sprayed onto the leaf surface to supplement the lack of nutrients.


2, Clivia clips may also be due to improper farming methods. Clivia should not be placed outdoors and exposed to the sun. The proper sunshine is all right. Therefore, the inappropriate style method will also cause the gentleman to clip the arrow. Excessive watering, excessive fertilization, too high room temperature, etc., so when the gentleman orchids arrow, we have to prescribe the right medicine, so that we can do more with less, save the Clivia.

3, to prevent the gentleman orchid folder arrow first understand the habit of Clivia, according to its habits for breeding. Clivia prefers an environment with large temperature difference between day and night, generally does not need to pour too much water, and can be properly watered during the dry season. In addition, it is necessary to properly fertilize Clivia and ensure that the temperature of growth cannot be too high or too low.

Regarding the analysis of the reasons for the folder of the gentleman orchid , the decoration house decoration network Xiaobian will introduce you here, I hope that you can properly handle this problem. More relevant knowledge, all in the life encyclopedia!

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