Analyze the winning cheats of Chinese skin care products

On a hot summer day, the burning sun tests the skin, and the protection of skin care products is inevitable. Foreign big names are too expensive, you can't afford them, and you don't have to be suitable for your skin. It's better to turn your eyes to the country and have a good brand. In recent years, domestic skin care products have quickly occupied the market with lightning speed. The winning cheats are: price, close to the people, herbal medicine, authentic domestic production.

Natural skin care, try traditional Chinese medicine

The biggest highlight of domestic skin care products compared to foreign products is the new concept of herbal herbal skin care.

Appropriate herbal medicine, in recent years is very popular with young girls, the price is relatively affordable. The appropriate herbal medicine has risen rapidly because of the concept of herbalizing the skin. The founder, Ms. Feng Shuai, was a famous Chinese medicine practitioner and was deeply influenced by Chinese medicine culture since childhood.

Herborist, from the moment of its birth, it is determined to respect China's beauty classics, combining the unique herbal extracts of China and the latest achievements of modern biotechnology, bringing a natural and effective skin care product series with a new concept. As the brand with the highest grade of local cosmetics and widely accepted by the market, the price of Herborist is naturally higher. Whether it is worthwhile depends on the suitability of everyone.

As for the Baique antelope, it is a veteran brand. The brand of more than 70 years and the legend of selling Southeast Asia in the past have made the rest of the products difficult to look forward to.

In addition to the above-mentioned several brands, in recent years, the emergence of a series of brands such as Fangcao and Yumifang is enough to make domestic and foreign goods stand up.

Herbal force, the effect is visible

At present, in the latest domestic skin care products list, the three major Chinese herbal skin care brands, such as Materia Medica, Royal Mud, and Herbs, rank among the top three.

Many MMs who have used the above or similar products have taken their own experience on the Internet. Many MMs recommend appropriate herbal medicines. They feel that their products are mild and do not harm the skin. After use, the face feels clean and comfortable. Yumifang has also been favored by many MMs. It feels that minerals can better cleanse and moisturize the skin, making the skin more supple. What is quite surprising is that the old name Baique Ling also has a large number of young fans. Everyone thinks that Baique Ling's products can be well absorbed by the skin and will not stick. The skin feels particularly smooth after use.

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