Antistatic agents used in ink coatings

Externally applied antistatic agents, though simple to handle, quickly effective, and excellent in antistatic properties, are not durable and often lose their effectiveness during the use or turnover of the product. Therefore, a special coating process must be used to make the antistatic agent uniformly and firmly film on the plastic surface to achieve the purpose of durable antistatic. For example, the antistatic agent HKD-200 produced by the Hangzhou Chemical Research Institute is also a transparent quaternary ammonium cationic antistatic agent, which can be dissolved in water or various organic solvents. A typical application example is to directly add color ink to the surface of polyester film by adding the amount of 2 to the polyester film, which not only makes the polyester film have excellent antistatic performance, but also greatly improves the printing fastness and color uniformity of the ink. . Since HKr-200 can be dissolved in various solvents, it can also be directly added to a variety of coatings to form a uniform film on the surface of the product to achieve the purpose of durable anti-static.

Source: China Plastics Industry Network

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