Atomic Absorption Mercury Analyzer H27830 Application Scope

1.1 Main uses and scope of application

The H95759 Atomic Absorption Mercury Analyzer is a dedicated measuring instrument for continuous monitoring of trace amounts of gaseous mercury. It is easy to operate, highly sensitive, and can be connected to a computer to store measurement data in real time. The corresponding computer software is user-friendly and easy to operate, and is suitable for Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 2000.

The H95759 Atomic Absorption Mercury Analyzer can conveniently monitor the mercury content of various industrial waste gases in real time, as well as collect and measure mercury in the atmosphere. The instrument can be widely used in scientific research, environmental monitoring, petrochemical, geological survey, power plants and other factories and mines to measure trace mercury in the atmosphere.

1.2 Main technical indicators

1. Zero drift is less than 0.2mV

2. The noise is less than 0.08mV

3. The correlation coefficient of the standard curve is not less than 0.995

4. Repeatability, coefficient of variation is not more than 8%

5. Lower limit of detection: no more than 1μg/m3

6. Measurement range: 0~50μg/m3

Chapter 2 Installation

2.1 Acceptance

After unpacking, check that the equipment and accessories of the instrument match the packing list. If there is any damage or missing parts, please contact the factory immediately.

2.2 Applicable working environment of the instrument

1. Keep away from strong electromagnetic fields and shock vibration sources

2. Avoid dust, moisture and corrosive gases

3. Avoid direct sunlight

4. Room temperature: 5~35oC

5. Ambient humidity is less than 90%

2.3 Applicable working conditions of the instrument

Power requirements: voltage: AC 220 ± 20V, frequency: 50Hz, power consumption: 50W

2.4 Assembly

Assemble the instrument on the workbench and assemble the following parts:

1. Assembling the gas path and its driving power supply

First install the two desiccant racks on the white plastic parts. The mercury-infused tube inlet is suspended and the outlet is connected to the mercury-removing air inlet on the panel. The purpose of this tube is to filter out the mercury in the air and enter the machine as clean air. In order to reduce the mercury content of the standard blank gas, it is also possible to introduce nitrogen or argon into the mercury removal air inlet. The exhaust pipe is filled with activated carbon. It is directly discharged into the atmosphere through a plastic pipe with an inner diameter of 8 mm at the exhaust port of the instrument. It can also be connected to a one-way valve after 4 mm transfer, and then connected to the drying pipe. Entrance. It is possible to store less than 1/3 bottle of potassium permanganate absorbing liquid in the waste bottle, connect the drying tube outlet with a plastic tube with an inner diameter of 4 mm, and insert the other end into the waste bottle. (waste bottle comes with)

The front panel filtered tube is filled with desiccant, the inlet is connected to the sample to be tested, and the outlet is connected to the gas inlet on the panel. The function of the tube is to dry the water to be treated in the machine and then enter the machine. Sample processing.

2. Power connection

Connect the power socket of the instrument to the output socket of the regulator with a power cord and ground the ground.

Note: You can use the regulator or not.

3. Connection to the computer

Remove the computer cable from the accessory and connect it to the computer input interface and the output connector of the instrument host.

Note: When connecting to a computer, be sure to turn off the computer's power and the instrument's mains.

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