Bookbinding process technology operation six

Sixth, the glue on both sides of the back and back of the book block

The glue glue is glued on both sides of the back and back of the book block. After the book block is milled back and grooved, the hot melt glue can bind the book page to the book page. The binding between the book block and the cover becomes a Book. The adhesive has the difference between adhesive and side adhesive. Their fluidity, opening time, and curing time are all different. The adhesive temperature should be controlled at 170-180°C, and the thickness of the adhesive glue is generally controlled at 0.62mm. The layers should be uniform and thin on the backsheet can affect the bond strength. Thickness on the backsheet can increase the cost. The length of the adhesive should be slightly shorter than the cover size of 12mm. If it is too long, it will cause the remaining glue to accumulate mechanical transmission components, causing it to malfunction. If it is too short, it will cause the back of the book and the feet to become empty, which will affect the quality. When the upper side glue between the book block and the cover is used, the side glue must be a hot melt adhesive with good flowability, long open time and curing time, and high bonding strength. The temperature of the side glue is controlled at about 160-180°C. The width of the glue is generally about 46mm, and the fuller the glue on the side, the better, and requires a firm bond in order to ensure the quality of the book and the cutting requirements. Do not use gum as a side glue, otherwise it will make the book cover on the cover line, affecting the quality of the product.

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