Bottle Screen Printing Ink: British Gao's 811 Series Ink

British COATES Gao Ink - 811 series, in addition to surface tension treated PP and PE materials, but also suitable for the surface of some untreated PP material printing. Only the surface of the untreated PP material exhibits strong inertia, which affects the adhesion of the ink to some extent. Therefore, the printed products should be tested for adhesion, and the prints stored for a period of time should be tested for adhesion. Prior to the official printing, there should be clear requirements on the corrosion resistance (climate, various chemical reagents) of the product and its applicability should be tested. New UPP 811-00 series of ink printed products have a good finish, with good printability.

High gloss, fast drying, easy to print; Thinner is SP6769.

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