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A small business card may seem simple. It must go through the following eight processes before it reaches your hands. During this time, you must also participate in the preliminary work of the business card production. You must choose the business card printing method, ease of printing, and printing paper; you must provide the specific content of the business card, and design the general idea; most of the time you will have to read the proof. In particular, the request for a relatively complex business card has been requested by merchants. The post-processing of business cards is also more complex and requires professional equipment and skilled operators. In the past, we had to go to the business card printing shop in person to print. A box of business cards may have to go a lot. Fortunately, with the Internet, it is now simple. You can drink coffee and tap the keyboard to find the best business card making solution for you. If you are not satisfied with all the options we offer, you can use your ideas to create a business card that suits your needs. Even the school draft can be omitted. While you are finalizing your business card, you may want to understand the business card making process. We will introduce it to you.

Determine the printing method

If you want to print business cards, you must first determine your printing method, because different printing methods will determine the use of different business card carriers, but also affect the printing price of business cards.

1, computer digital business card: business card printing using computer and color laser printer can be completed, business card paper using 292 × 197mm paper, each paper can do ten business cards. Its characteristics are: fast printing speed, layout printing at one go, and the quality of the business card produced is good, a box of simple business cards can be completed within 30 minutes from order receipt, typesetting and delivery. The high quality and timeliness of computer digital business cards make it a mainstream business card production method. 2. Offset business card: Business card printing can be accomplished by computer, black and white laser printer, printing machine, and business card offset printing machine. The business card paper uses 90×55mm business card special paper, and each sheet can only print one business card. Its characteristics are: It can fully express all the ideas of business cards, and is the traditional form of business card printing. Disadvantages: The printing speed is slower, the delivery period is longer, the price is higher, and the quality is not very high.

3, special business card: business card printing using computer, laser printer, printing machine, small screen printing machine to complete, the business card uses other media than the paper, the media size is generally 90 × 55mm, each can only print a business card. Its characteristics are: the general medium thicker than the business card paper and hard, suitable for high-end, personalized business cards, grades due to different media use different. Disadvantages: screen printing is complex, business card media is very spare, business card customization cycle is long, and expensive.

Printing is difficult to choose

You choose a business card printing method, you must also choose the number of printing business cards, but also the business card to print the color. How much color the business card is, is also one of the important indicators to determine the price of business cards. At the same time, you have to choose between single-sided or double-sided printing of business card printing. The increase in printing surface is the increase in the number of printing, and it also means an increase in color and price.

1. Color selection: The color of business card can be divided into single color, double color, color and true color to determine different printing times. Because the three primary colors can form a color, the pure color pattern has no black color, and no black color picture has a low color. We often say that the color pattern consists of four colors, which is also called true color. Some offset printing cards do not have pictures, but they also consist of three colors. They are also color cards. In computer digital business cards, there is no need for such a choice. 2, single, double-sided choice: business card printing single-sided selection is also the choice of the number of printing, how much business card printing surface, is directly related to how much the price.

Business card content

When you print a business card, you must also determine what to print on the business card. The main body of the business card is the information provided on the business card. The business card information is mainly composed of words, pictures (patterns), and unit signs. The digital information is also one of them, but it cannot constitute the mainstream of business cards.

1. Information selection: Text information includes the unit name, name of the card holder, title and contact method. Some business cards also have business scope, a variety of text choices, and the company’s motto or auspicious words.

2. Mark selection: If a unit user has his company's logo, most of them must have a business card printed on it. If your company is a large national enterprise, your company's logo may be stored in our database and you can choose from it; if you do not have your logo, you have to send it to us by email or fax. If you agree to our collection of your logo, you will not need to pass the logo again the next time you print a business card.

3, picture selection: You can also choose to print personal photos, pictures, shading, calligraphy works and simple maps, make your business card more personal style. If you use offset or laser printing, you do not have to consider the size of the picture; if you use screen printing, due to the simple screen printing resolution is lower, it is recommended to use a larger picture.

Business Card Design

You have to print business cards and you have to find your favorite business card template based on your personal preferences. If you are not satisfied with the template, you can also design your own; if you do not want to work hard, you can design on behalf of us, but you still have to provide your general requirements, and bear the cost of the design.

1, the use of templates: We in the business card center, according to the printing of different business cards placed a large number of previously printed, representative of the excellent template for you to choose when the business card custom. Over time, we will remove some obsolete templates and add new ones. If you are a member of us and have printed a business card in this shop, we also authorize us to temporarily save your business card template. The next time you add a business card, you just need to give out your name and password. If you want to change it, you have to renew it. Custom made.

2, their own design: you can design business cards, is undoubtedly the best choice, only one can understand their own needs. You are free to play, but also save the trouble of proofread again, shorten the business card delivery time.

Business card typesetting proofreading

1. Computer typesetting: Use professional business card typesetting software for business card typesetting. If the user adopts e-mail proofreading, the printed version of the business card will not be printed until the proofreading OK. If the customer specifies that proofs should be faxed, the draft can be printed for proofreading. Until OK.

2. E-mail: We send back the main way of confirming the e-mail. If we get a typesetting confirmation reply email, we can print business cards.

3, fax: If the customer specified to proofread by fax, you can print a draft, get the customer's signature on the draft confirmation, you can carry out business card printing.

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