Cecilia Cheung under the lens is very real

Her radiant smile, she is looking forward to the splendid style, she is the shadow of the fragrance, the national color is not enough to summarize, the fish is not enough to describe. Recently, she was stunned by the media because of the divorce incident, but no matter how others attacked, her charming smile is as always.

Cecilia Cheung under the lens

Cecilia Cheung with tears of happiness

Cecilia Cheung under the lens

Good mother Cecilia Cheung

Zhang Yue: I still remember to shoot the June issue of the World Fashion Garden. At that time, I shot Cecilia Cheung. At that time, she was full of happiness and happiness in the camera. Two weeks later, she won the award on the stage in the 30th Xinke Yingdi Sobbing and thanking my wife, Cecilia Cheung became crying, and then a good pair of monks, but now?

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