Cloud-based application use encounters security challenges

An investigation revealed that unsecured password management mechanisms and unauthorized use of applications have become security challenges.

OneLogin, an identity management provider, and FlyingPenguin, a security consulting company, surveyed 200 IT and enterprise experts around cloud applications and security. The results show that although most companies plan to improve cloud applications, 71% of companies admit that they are using cloud applications that have not been approved by the IT department. This is because there are many channels for accessing these applications, including smartphones, tablets, and non-company computers, and many organizations need temporary access to cloud applications. The interviewees expressed their close attention to identity management, security management and the complexity of the problem.

OneLogin CEO Thomas Pedersen said in a statement: "This survey shows that cloud service applications will usher in a tipping point in 2013. With the rapid development of cloud applications in enterprises, some issues need to be resolved urgently, such as the use of unauthorized The inherent risks of sharing passwords with enterprise application suites or cloud notes. "

The survey also revealed that insecure password management remains a challenge. 43% of respondents admit that employees manage passwords through spreadsheets or cloud notes; 34% of employees share their passwords with applications such as FedEx, Twitter, Staples, and LinkedIn; and 20% of respondents said they have experienced such Circumstances, that is, the employee has left the company, but still can use the company account.

In a statement, FlyingPenguin Chairman DAVI Ottenheimer said: "It is no secret that cloud applications need to add solutions to improve security. However, 20% of enterprise users of the application admit that former employees privately used company accounts. It ’s amazing. 80% of companies that already use cloud applications are actually more than 70% still unauthorized. "

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents said they need to provide temporary access to cloud applications for external users (such as consultants), while less than one-half (48%) of respondents said With a set of credentials, they still cannot log in to the cloud application.

The survey also found that 59% of the respondents have multiple local directories, of which the dynamic directory is the most commonly used directory (40%), followed by the lightweight directory access protocol (17%), which is mainly used to manage user identities and applications access. In addition, 34% of the respondents said that their cloud application security model is different from internal applications, while 45% of the respondents think it is the same.

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