Concealer tips, farewell nightmare

Concealer can be said to be the basis of makeup. If the concealer is not well grasped, it is possible to make yourself a big face. Today, the editor will give you a concealer book, so that you can become a "beauty" beauty, say goodbye to nightmares.

Concealer tips

Concealer tips

The magical effect of concealer

Lip line bodyguard

Oil, sweat, and spicy will ruin your lip line and make your lips look blurry. If you use a thicker concealer to stick to the outside of the lip, the result will be different. Just like repairing the wall around the lips, even if the lip line melts, it will not spread out of the lip.

Want to make the lipstick color correct?

It is also used on the lips, and the matte concealer can be used as a base cream to make the lip color more pure. The only thing to remind is that the concealer should not be applied to the lip line. It should be slightly smaller than a circle or two. Smooth, will not be moved to the outside world.

Transparent makeup that is more porcelain than dolls

The premise is that your skin condition is not bad by yourself. There is no sunburn on the hills to cover the eyes. At most, the skin color is uneven and the pores are slightly larger. This standard is enough. You can try to press the medium concealer and foundation 1: 2 blending up, the makeup is added to the makeup effect of the concealer, the skin's delicate degree does not know how many points.

The three most common concealing errors

Concealer can also be used as an eye base

Unfortunately, the ordinary facial concealer is neither powerful oil control nor moisturizing than eye cream. It is not used to make eye makeup for the eyelids, or it is crazy to produce fine lines on the eyes. If you want to use it to adjust the complexion of the eyelids, it is recommended that the oily skin be followed by a loose powder to fix the makeup, and the large dry skin should be moisturized beforehand.

First kill these spots before the makeup

Doesn't anyone remind you that the concealer is too thick? It is really difficult to apply concealer on the skin without the makeup. Because the skin color is not evenly lustrous, it is not so easy to find the invisible effect. The foundation can be used to slightly correct the skin spots before concealing. The amount of concealer will not be very heavy.

Concealer pen = concealer

The lightweight and easy-to-conceal concealer is booming, but it is more suitable for oily skin or for use in wet summers. If you are dry skin, it will be terrible. The pencil-like concealer is harder. The moisturizer and moisturizing oil are not as good as the cream. It may be like dry face dry powder, and there is a risk of cracking at any time.

Three reasons for concealing

Blush cream smudge concealer

The creamy blush should be pushed horizontally with the fingertips. Isn't it the stage to remove the concealer? It is better to adjust the color after the makeup, then use the blush cream to blend a pink concealer with a similar color. It’s a bit lighter than blushing, so that it won’t show up.

Slightly licking face

Before the big scorpion, you are eager to smash the acne, but the sorrowful eye can no longer hold the alcohol in your blood, and the blush has the "red bean" in addition to the cheek. To face, quickly cool the local skin, and apply it with a cool and calm acne gel.

Makeup puff is very powerful

The face is not refreshing, most women start to hold the mirror to puff the powder, but I don't know, the excess oil has already made the concealer floating makeup, and the puff will press all the concealer, preferably the paper towel absorbs the oil and uses the portable concealer with the brush head. The cream is repaired and the powder is powdered.

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