Corrugated Quality Accident Identification and Control - Local Depression

Fifth, the corrugated depression

One of the reasons: the local moisture content of corrugated paper is too much or too little.

1. Adjust the core paper preheater or adjust the spray machine can get a certain degree of improvement;

2. For papers with a large water content difference, when the temperature and humidity adjustment function is invalid, the corrugated paper should be replaced.

The second reason: Due to the corrugating roller, there is a certain defect.


1. Check the surface of the roller and remove it if there is dirt attached.

2. Check the parallelism between the upper and lower corrugating rollers and correct any abnormalities in time.

3. Check the pressure of the corrugating roller is normal. If the pressure is insufficient, the roller's meshing force should be increased.

(Author/Yang Yipiao Huaan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province)
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