Daily beauty and skin care tips make your skin watery and tender

There are many tips for daily beauty and skin care. Just like some people who often drink tea, MM can use tea bags for beauty. We can choose the best beauty method according to our own needs, helping women who love beauty to shape perfect skin. Daily beauty tips can help beautiful women shape their skin.
Daily beauty skin care tips vinegar beauty milk beauty method beauty method
Vinegar beauty
Vinegar is a daily necessities for every family, and it also has a certain cosmetic effect. If you have the conditions, MM is best to take a warm vinegar bath before going to bed, just add a little vinegar in the bath water, it will make you feel extra comfortable after bathing, refreshing body and mind. In addition, in the bath, you can also mix the vinegar and glycerin in a 5:1 mixture to wipe the face, often rubbing, can make the rough skin become delicate.
2. Forget the neck
We often have the feeling that the old man is actually the oldest neck, so in order to cover up the age, neck care is essential. The skin of the neck is very thin and fragile. The distribution of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is only one-third of the face, and the secretion of sebum is less. The water-holding ability is naturally much worse than that of the face, which is easy to cause dryness and easy to breed wrinkles.
So when you clean your face every night, don't forget to clean your neck. Also apply a neck cream or a moisturizing neck cream or night cream. In short, our neck must be treated the same as the face.
3. Milk beauty method
Milk has the magical effect of hypnosis. In addition, milk is also very beneficial to the skin. Every night, when we drink milk, we can put a little bit of milk on our face and use it as a sleep mask. If there is a need for concentrated whitening, we can also add pearl powder to the milk, so after using it for a while, we will find that the skin will become fine and white and slippery.
4. Facial cleanser + soap + massage
The first priority of skin care in the evening must be clean. The skin must be cleaned before going to sleep. Apply facial cleanser to the face before washing, then wash with soap. This double cleaning ensures that no dust and makeup are left, so that the skin does not have a burden to sleep. The choice of soap is as much as possible with a small amount of facial soap, and the foam is used to make a foam. With a rich foam, you can give your face a small beauty massage. But remember, be sure to wash with water after massage.
Four daily beauty tips, do you know?

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