Dynamic monitoring and diagnosis method of paper machine press section

On the background of the online monitoring and diagnosis workstation established on the actual production line, the basic theoretical basis, basic dynamic characteristic parameters (ie, fault characteristic frequency) of the paper machine press online monitoring and diagnosis technology, and the design of the basic functions and expression methods of the workstation software and hardware were studied. And configuration, further proposed a general evaluation method of the dynamic characteristics of the press section of the paper machine and a fault diagnosis method suitable for the press section. And introduced the diagnosis design and application process, on this basis, put forward the basic conditions and ways of intelligent fault self-diagnosis system.

Mobile indoor Playground Equipment is different with traditional Indoor Playground. It is new on market! 
First we need to know what is mobile indoor playground! Traditional indoor playground assembled one by one pieces! Need to screw each parts, warp PVC pipe and netting. It is complicated on installation. So not possible move to new place if you have such demand.
Mobile indoor playground are made by modular parts. PVC cover and net already on panel before shipment. So very easy on assemble. Can move to other place and rebuild again!
So mobile indoor playground usually with small size, It is good for rent and home use. Parents can do the installation with out any experience.

Mobile Playground System

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