High-precision low-temperature constant-temperature bath structure

The shell is made of metal plate, and the control box is directly installed on the water tank. There are two condensate pipes in and out of the water nozzle, and the imported high-quality water pump is used as the circulating power in the water tank, which solves the disadvantages of uneven temperature water, so that the temperature control accuracy of the instrument and the uniformity of water can meet higher requirements. This product can be circulated internally and externally, and the two inlet and outlet pipes can be used as internal circulation by connecting the latex pipe. Remove the latex pipe and connect the two water pipes to the inlet and outlet of the reactor respectively to form an external circulation, which is close to the control panel. Only the copper water pipe is the water outlet pipe connected to the pump, and the other is the water inlet pipe. Please pay attention not to make a wrong connection when connecting to avoid backflow of water when starting up.

How to use cryostat

This instrument uses 220V AC power, please make sure that the rated current of the power socket is not less than 10A before use, and it has a safety grounding device (please connect the grounding device to the working room when using it). When adding water, please note that it is not less than 8cm away from the upper cover. Soft water must be used, preferably distilled water. Do not use well water, river water, spring water or other hard water to prevent the heating tube from bursting and affecting the temperature sensitivity. Please use it correctly according to the instruction of the temperature control instrument, set the required temperature value> First turn on the power, set the required temperature value on the instrument according to the instruction, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, you can turn on the cycle switch, so All programs enter the normal working state.

Notes on the use of cryostat in this section

1. Add liquid medium into the front tank of the cryostat, the liquid level of the medium should be about 30mm lower than the workbench, otherwise the heater will be damaged when energized; 2. The selection of liquid medium in the cryostat should comply with the following principles: When the working temperature is 5 ~ 85 ℃, the liquid medium is generally water; when the working temperature is 85 ~ 95 ℃, the liquid medium can be 15% glycerin aqueous solution; when the working temperature is above 95 ℃, the liquid medium is generally oil, and The open cup flash point value of the selected oil should be higher than the working temperature by 50 ℃; 3. Power supply: 220V50Hz, the power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument, the power supply must have a good "ground" device; 4, the instrument should be placed in In a dry and ventilated place, there are no obstacles within 300mm around the instrument; 5. When the working temperature of the constant temperature bath is high, be careful not to open the upper cover and do not enter the bath with your hands to prevent burns; 6. After use, all switches are turned off Turn off the power supply; the instrument should be cleaned regularly to keep the work surface and operation panel clean; often observe the liquid level in the tank, when the liquid level is too low, The liquid medium should be added in time; considering the safety factors, we stipulate that the constant temperature bath higher than 100 ° C should be made into internal circulation. If the external circulation is changed according to the customer's requirements, the customer should pay special attention to the firmness of the connection of the outlet pipe to prevent it from falling off to avoid burns.

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