Home color design is closely related to people's physical and mental health

Color and health

According to the data, 80% of people's perceptions are felt through the eyes. That is to say, the human optic nerve can feel the shape, size, distance, various colors, etc. of the object, and the vision transmits everything that is felt to the central nervous system of the human body into the brain. Therefore, the colorful world is so beautiful.

White in the hospital ward, sheets, bedding, doctors wearing big cockroaches, etc. are all white. In living rooms, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, villas, classrooms, etc., walls painted with white water-based paint are often seen. For those who like white, when the interior decoration is done, the doors and windows are all painted white. White is a combination of all colors, it is incomparably noble and pure, giving a quiet feeling. White regulates irritating people and helps maintain normal blood pressure, but it is not suitable for patients with autism or depression.

In the bridal chamber of the red newlyweds, the red double happiness word is posted in the most prominent position in the room. Red lanterns, red candles, embroidered red satin quilts symbolizing love and happiness, white heads to old waters, are inseparable from red; people will use red satin at the start of major projects and completion of construction or large-scale exhibitions. The ribbon-cutting; the world-renowned Chinese folk paper-cuts, Chinese knots, etc. are made of red paper and red ribbons; when the Spring Festival comes, people like to write couplets on red paper, and the outer wrappers of the firecrackers that are put on the festival are all red.

Red can stimulate the body's nervous system, increase the secretion of the human adrenal gland, and increase blood circulation in the body. In addition to the excitement of the human body, red also has the same feeling for animals. For example, the Spanish bullfighting performance attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. The bullfighter holds a red cloth on the field to pick up the ferocious bulls, which makes the bulls excited. They use the horns to the red cloth, run and collide, until they are exhausted. Died under the sharp knife.

Red symbolizes joy, happiness, happiness and good fortune. However, it should be noted that too much exposure to red will cause anxiety and physical and mental stress, and it is easy to feel tired.

Yellow in the interior decoration, yellow also accounts for a large part, such as yellow composite flooring, doors and windows, yellow bookcases, writing desks, cabinets, bedside tables and so on. Yellow is a pleasant color, a symbol of vitality, an inspiring spirit, and can stimulate the digestive system of the human body, enhance the logical thinking ability of the human body, and help to concentrate.

Orange yellow can make people energetic, induces appetite and helps calcium absorption. Can help restore and maintain health, overcome fatigue and depression, and eliminate tension, hesitation, and panic.

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