How to make your eyeliner style

For the traditional black eyeliner, I believe many people are tired, try to give your eyeliner a new pattern, so that your eyeliner style.

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The deep smoky eyes are too much. Want to let yourself jump out of the crowd? You only need to spend a little thought on the eyeliner, change the position and drawing of the eyeliner, and the effect will be very different immediately. This season, the makeup artists have adopted a simple matt effect and a monochrome gray makeup face to create a clean and simple fashion on different nude skin. Change the focus of the eyeliner to the lower eyeliner that is often ignored by Chinese women. You will find that not only the eyes become bigger, but also the eyes are more transparent and firm.

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In order to highlight the simple beauty, please choose the matte texture of the base makeup products, and focus on highlighting the contours of the face. Blush can also be discarded, directly using the repair powder to create a silhouette silhouette, highlighting the three-dimensionality of the face.

This is a makeup that absolutely highlights the eye, so it is important to avoid being overwhelmed. The lip can be covered with the liquid foundation first, and then the nude lipstick can be used to maintain the fullness. The part of the eyebrows also needs to be specially diluted with the eyebrow cream.

Try to use a gradient eye shadow to make the eyeliner base. A single eyeliner will appear too dull in this makeup. Therefore, use a dark eye shadow to smudge the eyeliner to create a gray to black transition. Note that the inner eyeliner is also filled with black edges. Finally, use eyeliner to deepen the depth of the eye.

The upper eyeliner should be drawn slightly more until it intersects with the lower eyeliner. The lower eyeliner should be drawn slightly below the original position of the eyeliner and then extended parallel with the lower eyelid. This kind of painting is more suitable for Asian eye types. If your eyes are sharply contoured, you can raise your lower eyeliner slightly at the end of your eyes to make your eye makeup more individual.


This season's overpass makeup, the colorful colors have jumped off the general sense of makeup, and the bright pop color makes the whole face full of vitality and lively atmosphere. Correspondingly, the eyeliner is no longer only a deep black-brown line. Even in daily life, you can try to make the eye-catching orange, emerald, brilliant purple or blue-green, and of course the sweet pink that the sweet girl loves is painted as a thick or thin upper eyeliner. hundred.

This is a vibrant and pretty makeup, so moisturizing skin is a prerequisite. Therefore, the base makeup needs to use a light texture cream or liquid foundation to adjust the skin texture. A foundation with a pearlescent or polished finish is an excellent choice for a hydrated glow. In particular, in order to maintain a soft texture, it is no longer necessary to use the powder and loose powder to fix the makeup after applying the foundation.

In order to match the texture of the entire makeup, choose a creamy blush as much as possible. And by hand instead of the brush, it is not only easy to control the application position, but also reveals a natural feeling. It is even possible to use an exaggerated technique to extend the blush application position to the brow bone to highlight the three-dimensionality of the contour of the face.

Since the eyeliner is the highlight of the makeup, it must be very clear in the drawing method, and it is necessary to draw a fine and clear outline to avoid blurring. As close as possible to the root of the eyelashes to draw the outline of the eyeliner, the gap between the pink eyeliner should not be generated. The position of the eye can be decorated with an approximate color of brightening powder. Of course, don't want to be too eye-catching, you can also choose a slightly low-key pink in the choice of color.

The lip does not need to emphasize the hard lip line. You can use your finger to pick up the lipstick and gently smudge the lip point in a gentle way, which can reduce the lip shape. On the lip color, you can choose the jumping color, and you can even choose the orange color that has the contrast effect on the eyeliner.

When creating a colorful look, how to make the exaggerated eyeliner pretty but not obvious?

Choosing a brightly colored eyeliner is likely to produce a gaudy counter effect, so color selection is important. Fluorescent and bright colors with high saturation are preferred. In terms of linear shape, it is slightly raised at the end of the eye, which can increase the sense of playfulness and complement the bright colors. It is worth mentioning that you can use the same color eyeliner to sketch the position and shape of the eyeliner, and then use the waterproof and bright eyeliner to fill the eyeliner.

The eyeliner is so thick, how do you avoid the heavy feeling of the black eyeliner?

In order not to make the eyes appear too heavy, the upper eyeliner part can be weakened, and the drawing should be close to the root of the eyelashes, so that it is clean and simple. On the contrary, the lower eyeliner must be layered, then put on a cotton swab, and after the makeup is finished, wipe the eye from the eye to the end of the eye to make the line more clean and clear.

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