Interpretation of the three popular trends in home design

Milan Fashion Week, which leads the world in fashion, kicked off in late February, and designers used their work to interpret the popular elements of the season. In fact, not only in the fashion world, the fashion trend of home design is changing every year.

Milan Fashion Week, which leads the world in fashion, kicked off in late February, and designers used their work to interpret the popular elements of the season. In fact, not only in the fashion world, the fashion trend of home design is changing every year.

The Paris Home Furnishings Expo, which displays the latest developments in the international decoration industry and predicts future trends, will always attract the attention of global home improvement designers and is also a popular trend indicator for global home trends. In 2016, what are the trends in home design, let's take a look.

Decoration design trend decoding a natural manufacturing

The so-called natural manufacturing, that is, inspiration from nature, showing the beauty of natural texture. The marble clothing design at the 2015 Milan Autumn and Winter Fashion Show has surprised people from all walks of life, and the marble pattern in the home industry has also become a focus of attention.

Marble texture is not only limited to the use of marble tiles. Many furniture surfaces can be decorated with marble lines. In addition to imitation of textures for decoration, the texture of imitation marble in home design has become a major feature. For example, the design of the teacup, abandoning the transparency of the glass material, imitating the coarse grain of the stone, pursuing the marble-like solidity.

Designer Interpretation: The release of fashion trends is always exaggerated, just like the costumes on the T stage, there is no way to wear them directly in life. Therefore, we must also know how to choose for home design. The theme of “Natural Manufacturing” is to display natural textures. In addition to the natural texture of marble, there are many textures in nature, such as water ripples, animal and plant markings.

The home decoration design should be based on comfort. The marble wall can be highlighted by the tile design background wall, but it should not be used in a large area. After all, the stone texture creates a cold texture and is not suitable for daily home life.

Decoration design trend decoding two


Minimalist actually pursues simplicity but not simple ideas. The most classic expression of this style is a small and beautiful Japanese courtyard, pursuing a lonely and distant mood. In the field of home decoration design, Japanese style and Nordic style are considered to be representative of minimalism, especially in the performance of furniture, with various primary colors, straight lines, simple, cotton and linen, focusing on accommodating and hiding unnecessary things. At the same time, do not abandon the functionality used.

Designer Interpretation: Minimalism is more suitable for small units. Small units are not suitable for designing many shapes during decoration, but should try to keep the interior transparent and have a strong storage function, which coincides with minimalism. Try to create straight lines when designing, and the wall lights can be hidden inside the wall. When purchasing furniture, attention is paid to the combination of functions, such as a bed that can be folded and stored in a wall, and a cabinet with multifunctional storage.

Decoration design trend decoding three

Traditional Chinese elements

Speaking of traditional Chinese elements, it is not just the color of red and green, or the accumulation of intrinsic elements such as Chinese knots and golden dragons. It is a reflection of the gentleness and exquisiteness of Chinese culture through elements, demonstrating the confidence and embarrassment of contemporary China. . Especially in the Chinese gardens, the techniques used for borrowing, view and shifting, as well as the techniques used in Chinese calligraphy, can be applied to home design.

Designer Interpretation: The use of traditional Chinese elements is not simply a Chinese style of decoration, nor is it possible to buy a set of Chinese furniture. The Chinese elements referred to here are more reflected in the collocation. For example, a simple clay pot can be a Chinese element when inserted into a plum blossom. Even if it is matched with a modern home, it is not obvious, so the Chinese element plays a role in finishing the touch, applying principles. It is an embellishment, not a large area.

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