Introduction to the causes and solutions of the industrial vacuum cleaner's reduced suction

Industrial vacuum cleaners often encounter the problem of reduced suction or no suction during use. Here I will talk to you about the main reasons that are easy to cause industrial vacuum cleaners to have no suction:

1. Excessive accumulation of dust and garbage in the dust bag

The filter micropores of the filter or dust bag are blocked, and the air flow channel is not smooth, resulting in the suction of the vacuum cleaner being reduced or even completely disappeared. The dust in the dust bag should be removed or replaced.

2. The air duct of the vacuum cleaner is blocked

If the hose, vacuum head or suction port is blocked by garbage such as paper balls and cotton wool, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will also be reduced or completely disappeared.

3. Leakage caused by vacuum cleaner body or accessories is not sealed

(1) Improper assembly of the air inlet of the main unit in the main chamber of the vacuum cleaner, or the rubber block or rubber ring around the main unit is not placed properly; or the aging and displacement of the rubber seals cause the airflow to flow out from the air inlet edge of the main unit and the air pressure is reduced. The host cavity should be opened to eliminate the above phenomenon, or the rubber block and rubber ring should be replaced.

(2) The filter in the dust collection chamber is not installed or not installed, so that the rubber ring around the filter bag is not placed flatly between the dust collection chambers to leak the storm, so that the vacuum degree in the dust collection chamber is reduced and the suction force is reduced. Take a piece of paper by hand and put it on the edge of the contact surface between the host cavity and the dust collection cavity. If the paper shakes, it means that the seal is not good here. Please open the dust collection chamber, reinstall the filter and rubber ring, or replace the rubber ring.

(3) Air leakage due to damage to the vacuum cleaner accessories. Such as cracks in hoses, joints and pipes, severely damaged bristles of the brush, etc., will prevent the airflow from all the way into the dust collection chamber.

(4) The filter bag of the vacuum cleaner is used for too long, causing clogging of the pores, and the suction force is reduced or disappeared.

After the filter bag has been used for a long time, although it has been cleaned, the fluff knot or the fiber hole is blocked by dust, which will reduce or disappear the suction force. Therefore, it should be replaced with a new filter bag.

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