Is it necessary to buy a crib? What are the advantages of the crib?

" Is it necessary to buy a crib? " has always been a matter of dispute. Some friends think that the price of the crib is not cheap, and it will be too wasteful to put it on for a long time. Some friends think that the baby is just born, and it may be more cared for with the mother, without the crib, and the support of many friends does not buy. In the case, there are still a lot of families to buy, so from the perspective of everyone, the decoration house decoration network Xiaobian will answer the question of whether the crib has to buy and the advantages of the crib!


Is it necessary to buy a crib?

If you want to buy a crib, it is mainly based on the situation of each family. If you think that buying a crib is good for your child and you can afford it in economic strength, then buy it. If you think it is useless to buy it, then Think carefully before considering it. But according to expert research and advice, buying a crib is good for children, so it is necessary to buy a crib.


What are the advantages of a crib?

Advantage 1: The baby sleeps with his parents from an early age. When he grows up, he is easy to rely too much on his parents. If he is allowed to sleep independently from childhood, he will be able to exercise his independence.

Advantage 2: The baby sleeps separately from the parents, which can prevent the parents from pressing the baby at night and affecting the baby's breathing.

Advantage 3: The baby sleeps separately from the parents, in case the parents fall asleep and hit the baby or push the baby to the ground and fall.

Advantage 4: If the baby does not sleep on the bed, he will not put the urine or the stool on the sheets, so he does not need to wash the sheets frequently.

Advantage 5: Newborn babies are more sleepy. They sleep for 16-20 hours a day. If you provide a separate crib to him, you can create a good sleeping environment for him.

Advantage 6: The size of the current crib design is relatively large, and most children can sleep until the age of 6. Therefore, the crib is bought back and will not be put on hold, so it can be used effectively.

Advantage 7: The baby sleeps alone and the quality of the parents' sleep is improved.

The question " Does the crib need to be bought? " is of course purchased according to the wishes of each parent. However, it is necessary to buy the advantages of the crib. I hope that friends can consider it carefully when choosing! More relevant knowledge, please pay attention to the life encyclopedia section, we will be happy to help you!

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