Jiaozhou City Fangzheng presses developed a two-color high-speed automatic blowing machine

Jiaozhou Founder Plastic Machinery Factory is aiming at the state abolition of oil drum packaging and all plastic barrel packaging information, seizes opportunities in a timely manner, draws on Taiwan's production technology, invests a lot of funds, and researches and develops two-color high-speed automatic blow molding machines to achieve success. The market gap in the province. The aircraft has a high technological content and is an electromechanical integration product. It has been tested as a qualified product by Qingdao Technical Supervision Bureau.

Its characteristics are: (1) superior performance, simple operation, saving labor and energy, saving up to 50%, can blow 0.5-200l various shapes (such as round, square, flat, oval) plastic bucket; (2 ) The work efficiency is high, with 4,000-5000 bottles produced per class. The finished products are equipped with transparent lines. Its appearance and internal quality are comparable to those of imported products. (3) The price is low, and it costs more than 100,000 US dollars to purchase similar foreign equipment. The price of the plant is only 1/10 of the imported equipment.

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The hose is a kind of cosmetic packaging material widely used in cosmetic packaging. Among them, facial cleanser and facial cleanser are the most used, and other skin care products such as BB cream and gel are also used.

      The hose is divided into single layer, double layer and multiple layers. There are differences in anti-pressure, anti-seepage and hand feeling. Double-layer tubes are more common. Single-layer can also be used in the middle and low-grade. The hose diameter has 13#-60# multiple calibers. The hose can be screen printed, bronzing and hot. Printing methods such as transfer printing and offset printing, silk screen printing is the most common printing method. Monochrome printing is commonly used for vertical rotary screen printing machines, while multi-color overprinting hoses require horizontal rotary screen printing machines. The horizontal rotary Screen Printing Machine uses a clamp to clamp the continuous printing process.

Soft-tube Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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