Kohler San Rafael one-piece toilet makes life more elegant

Evaluation time February 20, 2009 Evaluation location: East Fourth Ring Road Kohler flagship store Evaluation brand Kohler (picture offer review) Evaluation product San Rafael Product specifications 737 * 518 * 711mm Main material ceramic Product characteristics Static swirl Applicable place Toilet reference price 6980 element

company profile:

Kohler was founded in 1873 and is headquartered in Wisconsin. It is one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the United States. Kohler is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engine and power generation systems, furniture, home decor, hotel service industry, and first-class golf clubs.

As early as the 1930s, Kohler products had a deep relationship with China. At that time, many famous buildings in Shanghai, such as Shanghai ’s Jin Jiang Hotel and Daguangming Cinema, used Kohler sanitary ware. Kohler China Office was established in Hong Kong in 1995, and since then Kohler has officially entered the Chinese market. In 1999, Kohler set up its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai and set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Shenzhen. To date, Kohler has more than 500 regular showrooms and more than a dozen flagship stores in 10 factories in China.

Testers' impression:

Thinking of the name Kohler, there is a feeling of high-end products. When I see this "quiet swirl" flush toilet, I feel the refined meaning. Allowing the toilet to work quietly will indeed make your bathroom space more elegant.

Detailed evaluation:

1. The whole toilet is simple in shape

The Kohler San Rafael toilet is integrated from front to back. From the side, the shape is very sturdy. At first glance, it looks like a big sturdy guy. If there is not enough space, I am afraid it is difficult to accommodate this large body. Moreover, the toilet surface is very smooth from the inside out. This toilet is calcined under ultra-high temperature, the vitrification effect is stronger, the surface is smooth and delicate and lasts as new, it is not easy to be scratched and discolored, and it maintains a white and new feeling for a long time. Fully sprayed glaze drainage pipe can optimize the power flow rate and maximize the drainage efficiency.

Tips: Pay attention to choosing porcelain, fine porcelain, glazed and dense toilet, water and dirt are not easy to penetrate, easy to clean, both beautiful and easy to clean.

2. "Static swirl" design, quiet and clean

The so-called static swirling design is not because the toilet is equipped with a certain device to make it no noise, but because a series of processes combine to form a static swirling water system. Including water inlet valve, sewage pipe, injection hole, water seal and so on.

This product also uses jet siphonic flushing: the flushing tube is divided into two channels, one directly flows to the inner wall of the toilet, and the other channel directly flushes down from the independent pipe through the small hole under the pool, so as to increase the intensity of flushing The siphon effect removes dirt from the toilet. The continuous vortex water flow is slower than the straight-flush water, and the flushing noise is relatively small. On the basis of effectively reducing the noise, the surface is cleaned more thoroughly, so as to achieve quietness and cleanliness.

Tip: Before buying, measure the wall distance, that is, the distance from the wall to the center of the underwater inlet, and select the appropriate toilet according to the wall distance. Generally speaking, there are two types of toilet outlets, which are called front flush toilet and rear flush toilet. The front outlet toilet is suitable for large wall distances.

3. Soft seat ring, comfortable and easy to clean

Shown on the way is the soft seat ring on the toilet cover. It is sleeved on the plastic seat ring of the toilet cover. There are many bumps in it, which can increase the contact area between the soft seat ring and the plastic seat ring. The force is more uniform and more practical. With such a soft seat ring, it can not only improve the comfort of the user, but also facilitate cleaning.

4. Detail design is more user-friendly

The flush button of the toilet is chrome-plated copper, which is beautiful and generous and prevents rust. It is also very easy to press and does not have much resistance.

In addition, the bottom of the toilet is also an overall design, and the surface of the hidden sewage pipe is smoother and easier to clean.

Tip: The quality of the accessories is the guarantee of the durability of the toilet. Most of the accessories of the toilet are made of plastic. The quality is uneven. The quality of the all-copper accessories is good.

Evaluation summary:

Kohler San Rafael one-piece toilet is a high-end product of Kohler, and its static swirl flush system is the biggest highlight of the product. It can make your life more quiet and peaceful, and make your bathroom space as elegant as other places. However, the price of such a toilet is certainly quite high-end. I am afraid that ordinary consumers cannot afford ceramic toilets close to 7,000 yuan; secondly, the size of this toilet is definitely a big guy, a small bathroom space It is also difficult to accommodate its huge body. If your bathroom has enough space, then this toilet should be a more "elegant" choice.

Tips: toilet maintenance

1. In the sub-zero environment, water cannot be stored in the bent pipe and other cavities of the toilet, otherwise the water may freeze and expand and may squeeze the porcelain body.

2. Do not pour overheated water into the toilet to avoid bursting.

3. To prevent damage and water leakage, please do not hit the ceramic.

4. Please do not throw newsprint into the toilet, paper diapers, sanitary napkins for women and other items that are easily blocked.

5. Do not use steel brush and strong organic solution for cleaning, so as not to damage the product glaze and corrode the pipeline.

6. In order to keep the toilet surface clean and the flushing function normal, please use a long nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent to clean the pipes and flushing holes. It is recommended to clean at least once a week.

7. Please clean the filter at least once a month to prevent the water tank from entering slowly or not, which will affect the normal use.

8. Do not use chlorine-containing cleaning agents in the water tank. Otherwise, the devices in the water tank may be damaged, causing leakage or damage to the building structure.

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