Microsoft employees develop female circular phone Cyrcle with 3D printing

About 20 years ago, Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa joined Microsoft almost the same day, and soon became friends, until now. Now, they have jointly changed the way mobile phones are designed. The company co-founded by Cyr and Inagawa is called Dtoor – representing their design as “anti-rectangular”. For this reason, the first product they designed was Cyrcle, a round mobile phone.

We haven't seen smart phones with interesting shapes for many years. I think that the eccentric teardrop-shaped Nokia 7600 or the stick-shaped Nokia 7280 has become a distant memory in the age of shimmering rectangles everywhere. However, the distinctive design is not for new and interesting. In the crowded smartphone market, many mainstream vendors are using the same Android software, and these companies are in desperate need to differentiate their products. So now it seems time to redesign some interesting shapes for smartphones that will allow them to go beyond those boring rectangular phones.

This is exactly what Dtoor is aiming for. The company's founder, Christina Cyr, was inspired by complaints about the phone, plunged into the maker space and began to develop what she really wanted. The result is this prototype that she showed to the press and potential investors at the 4 Years From Now startup conference this week. The conference was part of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft employees develop female circular phone Cyrcle with 3D printing

It looks like this round, clamshell Cyrcle is like a cosmetic case or pocket watch. It is understood that the shell of this prototype is 3D printed , and its kernel is built according to a Seeed RePhone toolkit. The toolkit includes open source components that allow people to design their own modular DIY phones.

Cyrcle said that one of the driving forces behind her Cyrcle design was that she thought the phone didn't meet her needs and offered the way she wanted. And both Cyr and Inagawa are mothers. The purpose of the Cyrcle phone is to address women's needs from functional and physical design.

Microsoft employees develop female circular phone Cyrcle with 3D printing

So in order to please women, Cyrcle is designed to be a favorite color for women such as pink, and its round shape is suitable for putting into smaller or prototype pockets. This shape is easy to match with women's fashion, if you If you don’t have a pocket at all, you can simply hang it outside. In addition, this phone can also block out the less important information prompts, only to remind you when the information you think is more important or the arrival of the mail, of course, based on your own settings.

This design may remind you of Monohm Runcible, which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress last year. The price of Cyrcle is only a fraction of the estimated price of $600 for the unlisted Monohm Runcible.

Microsoft employees develop female circular phone Cyrcle with 3D printing

Dtoor's plan is to make its first-generation Cyrcle, a simple 2G phone, launch crowdfunding on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter for $100 in August. The improved 4G version is scheduled for release in August 2017. The company's ultimate goal is to create a model with a dual borderless screen and an Android operating system.

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