Only for professional, only for climbing! - Kaile Stone perfectly debut 2016 Beijing ISPO

On February 24-27, 2016, the 12th ISPO BEIJING 2016 was opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. The ISPO BEIJING exhibition brought together more than 700 exhibitors from 490 exhibitors worldwide to showcase the latest products and technologies from winter sports, outdoor sports, and extreme sports. Climbing the leading brand, Kaileshi, introduced a grand launch of the six new “Kaile Stone Climbing System”. In addition, a series of wonderful sharing lectures were held at the exhibition site, including the "Breakout 10th Anniversary", "Leading for Pioneering Pride," "Mountain Eagle System Start-up," "Running Mountain Equipment Presentation".

â–² Kaile Rock climbing system product display

At the 2016 ISPO BEIJING site, the Kaile Stone brand displayed a full range of new products under the theme “Kaile Stone Climbing System”. "Kaile Stone Climbing System" will start ordinary outdoor enthusiasts from zero to the whole training process that can carry out high-altitude climbing. It will be systematically transformed into "physical training", "outdoor survival training", "ice and snow training", "rock training" and "limit climbing". "Resuming and Restraining" six modules, through planned training, allow ordinary people to become professional climbers.

"ISPO Awards Ceremony"

On the afternoon of February 24th, the ISPO Global Motion Design Award Asian Product Awards Ceremony, which represents the innovative and high-quality marks of global sports products, was also held on the spot. 45 professional judges from 10 countries around the world selected 2016/2017 Best of the Year Sports products represent outstanding innovative products in global sports categories such as ski, outdoor, and extreme sports. The “EDGE 35L technology climbing backpack” selected by Kaile Stone is awarded as PRODUCT OF THE YEAR, “TABARY”. "Lightweight seatbelts" and "INVADER Alpine Ski Jackets" won gold awards for Asian products (GOLD WINNER), "LEOPARD compression garments" and "ICE BLADE ice climbing softshell jackets" won the Asian Product Award. All award-winning products are on display at the Kaile Stone booth.

â–² Award-winning product on-site display

"The tenth anniversary of not reaching the peak"

Since the "Yulong Snow Mountain Climb" in January 2006 as the first expedition for the Kaileshi Dengfeng project, over the past decade, Kaile Shi has received hundreds of applications from various countries for climbing enthusiasts, supporting more than 40 specialties. Ascend the expedition to explore the mountain and explore the footprints at home and abroad. Many people who have dreams of climbing have benefited from it. There is no way to accumulate miles, and there is no way to build a river. In ten years, the peak application program once again led to a pioneering climbing expedition, and once again pioneered the climb of a well-known climbing activity brand. The high-quality and wonderful climbing has promoted the transformation of the “Under the Peak Project” into a kind of climbing culture. It has continuously promoted self-awakening and breakthrough innovation, has a positive and far-reaching impact on the entire climbing movement, and has deeply integrated into Kai. The rock climbing spirit of the Leshi brand. Kaile Rock climbing team member Zeng Shan and domestic senior climber Wang Er served as keynote speakers. They reviewed with the audience the history of the non-peaking decade.

▲ Zeng Shan and Wang Er’s Ten Years of Review and Sharing

"Leading in glory and setting sail"

The Kaile Stone Leading Outdoor Sports Center also held a press conference on the spot. The high altitude and outdoor sports education business went hand in hand and glory began in 2016. Kaile Stone Leading Outdoor Sports Center consists of three businesses: Guangzhou, Chengdu and Dali. Chengdu Leading Mountaineering Training School is committed to providing all-round safety mountaineering training courses for students of different abilities and ages. The principal of Chengdu Renpeng and American mountaineer JON OTTO (Zeng Shan) led the new professional guidance and coaching team to meet with the public. Kaile Stone Dali Pioneering Outdoor Sports School is the first officially registered outdoor sports school in China. It was listed on January 20, 2016. Principal Yuan Youlong (Yisma) released the 2016 Dali Pioneer Training Program on the spot.

â–²Chengdu Pioneer launches a new professional guide and coaching team

"The Mountain Eagle System Starts"

The “Yaung Hawk Outdoor Certificate Training System”, widely recognized by the backbone of the domestic outdoor sports education and training industry, was officially launched recently. As the main promoters of the training system, Cao Jun, head of Kaile Stone Leading Outdoor Sports Center, Zhong Chengzhan, general manager of Kaile Stone Brand, Ma Xiao, Secretary General of Shenzhen Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association, and Sun Bin, Principal of Beijing Gaofeng Outdoor Sports School, are on site The origin, significance and specific content of this system were introduced. Wang Yunlong, head of the training department of China Mountaineering Association, also delivered a speech at the site.

â–² Cao Jun, the leader of Kaile Rocket Outdoor Sports Center, delivered a speech

"Run Mountain Equipment Presentation"

HK100, Ring Siguniang Mountain Trail Running is the brand of Kaileshi depth cooperation well-known off-road running events. Kaile Stone not only creates top-level event equipment for professional competitions, but also works with the event itself to promote cross-country running sports in China. Many Kaileshi employees have experienced the charm of cross-country running as participants in the race. The ISPO live mountain equipment briefing was held by special team members as special guests. They reviewed the HK100 large-scale mountain race and the Siguniang Mountain trail running event, and shared the “FUGA Flying Wing” running mountain shoes, elastic shell, “ Elf "cotton clothing," "flying" running mountain backpack 2016 Kaile stone professional running mountain equipment, so that the audience appreciate the professional product design.

â–²2016 Kaile Stone New Run Mountain Equipment

Only for climbing, innovation beyond! As a leading brand for climbing, Kaile Stone has always focused on product technology R&D and innovation, aiming to design more professional and outstanding products and service outdoor people. In the future, the Kaileshi brand will continue to implement the "Only for climbing" commitment, will carry out more explorations in the promotion of the development of the climbing sports, in line with international standards, to the global market, and make greater contributions.

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