Papermaking: the price of pulp fell back and the price of paper rose without strong support

Industry performance: The papermaking sector continued to lag behind the market in this period, with the sector up 0.93%, behind the Shanghai Composite Index by 1.39 percentage points and behind the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300.29 percentage points. Among them, ST Yizhi (down 9.81%), Fujian Nanzhi (down 8.10%), Qifeng shares (down 5.99%) fell sharply, Guanhao Gaoxin (up 5.60%), Shanying Paper (up 6.49%) rose Leading the way. Raw material market: International pulp prices have fallen. After the holiday, the domestic wood pulp market is difficult to change, and traders have begun to offer. Due to the sluggish demand of downstream paper mills, the bearish sentiment is heavier, and the domestic pulp mills downgrade the pulp prices.

Paper price and sales: In terms of coated paper, the transaction was light this week, and the price was unchanged from the end of April. The domestic spot price of wood pulp continued to decline, and the end of the coated paper season was coming to an end. In the short term, the price of coated paper lacked the momentum to continue to rise. In terms of double-adhesive paper, the strong support of the pulp price has been lost, and the peak season is coming to an end. The price this week is basically the same as last week. Dongguan Xiaolong plans to raise the price of double-adhesive paper by 250 yuan per ton in May, but the market has no followers, or it is related to the paper mills expecting to reduce inventory before the end of the peak season. In terms of white cardboard, the manufacturer issued a price increase notice again after the festival. The Wanguo Sun White Card was raised by 200 yuan per ton, the Chenming White Card was raised by 100-200 yuan per ton, and the Asia-Pacific Sunbo was raised by 200 yuan/ton. For the factory shouting, the dealer has no price adjustment action, and the downstream has a wait-and-see attitude. In terms of whiteboard paper, the price is stable before the holiday. The impact of the Jianhui accident on South China has not yet dispersed. After Dongguan Xiaolong raised the price of gray-whiteboard paper in April, the price is stable. However, it is reported that Dongguan Xiaolong has a willingness to adjust the price recently, with an increase of 100 yuan/ton. Some manufacturers in Fuyang also have price increases, but due to limited market demand, the price increase process is more difficult. In terms of cardboard paper and corrugated paper, the market is relatively stable this week. In southern China, due to the unification of a new beverage factory in Zhanjiang at the end of last year, the use of agricultural containers increased, and the sales of cardboard papers were good. The price of major paper mills led by 50-100 yuan/ton, and the transaction price was basically implemented this week. In other regions, due to sluggish market demand, prices were unchanged from last week.

Industry and company dynamics: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the goal of eliminating backward production capacity in the paper industry; Chenming Paper cooperated with more than 300 dealers.

Risk warning: Risk of sharp fluctuations in raw material prices in the short term; systemic risks.

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