Poor molding machine for pulp molded products

Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Pulp Molding Products A billet forming machine includes a billet making machine and a hot press machine. Two hot-pressing machines are arranged on both sides of a blanking machine, and two hot-pressing machine-pressing upper plates are connected to the upper plate of the blanks. A hanger cylinder is fixed on the upper part of the blank, and the piston rod of the cylinder is fixedly connected with the blank sliding plate. The four corners of the upper plate of the blank are fixedly connected with the guide bar, and the guide rod is connected with the sliding plate of the blank in oil. The lower part of the manufacturing slide plate is fixedly connected to the upper plate of the mold through a connecting rod, the lower part of the guide bar is fixed with a mold hanging plate, a lower plate of the mold is installed in the middle of the mold hanging plate, a vacuum cover is connected to the lower part of the mold hanging plate, and a middle hose is under the vacuum cover. Connected with a vacuum valve sealed from the inside of the slurry tank through the lower wall of the slurry pool. The pool is seated on a support, and a cylinder for raising and lowering the pool is installed in the middle of the support. This type of molding machine adopts a new type of billet-making machine, and two hot-pressing machines are reasonably configured to increase the production efficiency by more than 40%.

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