Popular Skin Care - Mask

1, cream mask

Paste mask is a common type of mask, which is mostly packaged in a bottle and can be squeezed out like a thick emulsion or cream. It can be washed after 10 to 15 minutes, and most of it has moisturizing effect. Suitable for dry skin or for autumn and winter. Paste masks are not used in the frequency of use, if you do not add some acidic components, skin metabolism components, there is no limit on the number of uses.

The mask is a popular beauty skin care product . Whether it is a mask produced by a manufacturer or a DIY mask at home, there are countless kinds. I will now classify these common facial masks on the market and get to know this popular skin care product .

2, clay mask

The muddy mask generally has a powdery or muddy appearance in appearance, and the powdered type needs to be added with water. The paste-like shape can be directly applied to the skin. It is convenient to use and apply time. It will also be washed in 10 to 15 minutes. The clay-like mask usually contains kaolin, clay and other ingredients, and can mainly play the role of deep cleansing, oil absorption and exfoliation. It is suitable for oily skin, horny hypertrophy or spring and summer. In addition, in terms of frequency of use, due to the role of metabolic keratin and high cleaning power. Therefore, it should not be used too frequently, oily skin about 1-2 times a week, dry skin every 2-3 weeks, so as not to cause irritation to the skin.

3, Marianne - Biofiber Revitalizing Mask

Deep whitening, containing three times the concentration of blackening factor, strong inhibition of melanin production. Fully penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, conditioning dull skin, helping to remove yellow gas, and removing the melanin-rich aging keratin accumulated on the skin surface. It helps to activate the microcirculation of cells, gently removes the aging dead skin of dark yellow, improves the darkness of the skin, improves the skin's luster, makes the skin more lustrous and smooth, and soft and elastic to present a new state.

The bio-fiber mask with the new material bio-fiber is more docile, more nutritious, more absorbing, more hydrated and more revitalized than the general mask. Why?

NO1: Bio-fiber is used as the material, which can make the skin more delicate and intimate contact with the skin, so that the mask can completely close with the facial skin.

NO2: It can efficiently carry and store revitalizing skin care essence several times more than ordinary cloth film, fully arching and transferring more nutrients to all skin cells.

NO3: It specifically forms the transdermal absorption effect of the surface tension and the osmotic pressure of the coating, and can penetrate the basal layer of the skin to a depth of 0.3 mm, so that the cells can be fully nutritious.

NO4: Contains multiple moisturizing factors such as hyaluronic acid, locks in moisture, and the skin is moist and white.

NO5: Add collagen and other revitalizing ingredients, the cells have vitality, and youth does not leave.

3, film mask

Membrane masks are available in a wide variety of materials, such as pulp, jelly, non-woven fabrics, and bio-fibers. The maintenance functions of these masks depend on the essence of the mask and are difficult to classify. Since this type of mask is usually not required to be cleaned after the application, I would like to remind everyone. Never apply a film mask. I fell asleep after applying it, and the mask that was applied for too long was easy to cause the skin to be sensitive, irritating and dry.

The mask is a popular beauty skin care product. Whether it is a mask produced by a manufacturer or a DIY mask at home, there are countless kinds. I will now classify these common facial masks on the market and get to know this popular skin care product.

4, tear-off mask

The cleaning principle of the tear-off mask is the same as that of the mud type, and it also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by raising the temperature of the epidermis. The main ingredients are high molecular glue, water and alcohol, and other ingredients are few. Since the use of the peeling mask needs to wait until the mask is dry, the moisturizing agent cannot be added to the ingredients, which is not suitable for dry skin, and sensitive skin is not suitable due to the peeling action.

The tearing order should be from top to bottom. Pay special attention to avoiding the skin around the eyelids, eyebrows, hairline and lips to prevent skin damage during tearing.

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