Prospect of the development of anti-counterfeiting technology for cigarette packet printing

The current cigarette package anti-counterfeiting work still has the misunderstandings of neglecting management, ignoring comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, and not paying attention to the recognition ability and level of consumers simply relying on a certain technology. The anti-counterfeiting effect is not ideal.

Proven anti-counterfeiting methods for cigarette packets: Consumers can easily identify them without professional knowledge. The technology used is extremely difficult and has bizarre packaging effects. It is also an organic combination of scientific technology and management technology. This should be the development direction of anti-counterfeiting of cigarette pack printing.

1. Consumers do not need professional facts to identify the classification of packaging anti-counterfeiting technologies applied in the Chinese market:
First-line packaging anti-counterfeiting technology: Popular, consumers can independently identify the authenticity of packaging technology, such as printing anti-counterfeiting, ink and paper anti-counterfeiting technology.
Second-line packaging anti-counterfeiting technology: Based on first-line anti-counterfeiting, businesses, experts and technical supervision departments need to be firm, if necessary, special instruments and equipment, commonly used laser holographic packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, code anti-counterfeiting technology and RFID technology are also needed.

In order for consumers to easily identify, cigarette package anti-counterfeiting must be based on the first-line packaging anti-counterfeiting technology.

2. Using the extremely difficult to copy comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology The extremely difficult to copy comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology: the combination of first-line packaging anti-counterfeiting technology and second-line packaging anti-counterfeiting technology.

Typical technology: holographic positioning precision dealumination technology:
In the contest with counterfeit and shoddy, in order to enhance the security of laser hologram, laser hologram anti-counterfeiting technology has made great progress in recent years. After undergoing changes in 2D / 3D, 2D / 3D encryption, dot matrix, transparent holography, photopolymer holography, and digital holography, holographic anti-counterfeiting entered the seventh generation of “synthetic holograms”, especially holographic positioning precision dealumination technology in Euro The successful application in the Athens Olympic Games has become two highlights of the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, which undoubtedly maintains the important position of the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting.

Holographic positioning precision dealumination technology is considered to be one of the highest level of anti-counterfeiting technology. It is adopted by euros and banknotes of many other countries, as well as diplomatic visas and securities of many countries. It is used in medicines, food daily chemicals, financial telecommunications certificates and other products. It is also widely used and is known as a banknote-level anti-counterfeiting technology.

The holographic positioning precision de-aluminum technology is composed of laser holographic encryption anti-counterfeiting technology, holographic positioning hot stamping technology, holographic sleeve printing technology and precise aluminum washing technology.

technical parameter:
Diffraction efficiency: ≥8%; signal-to-noise ratio ≥20;
Hot stamping speed: not less than 6000 times / hour;
Image position deviation: vertical and horizontal are not greater than 0.2mm;
Plate seam: no more than 0.2mm;
Black spots: No more than 10 black spots with a diameter not greater than 0.3mm per square meter;
Printed dealumination positioning accuracy: ± 0.20mm
The phase modulation of the diffraction grating is carried out by mathematical transformation, the confidential information is set on the hologram, and the reflection or projection reproduction of the encrypted information can be conveniently realized with a laser pointer.

At present, the world's largest manufacturer of holographic positioning dealuminated products is the German KURZ company, and its product indicators represent the world's leading level.

Typical technology: holographic positioning hot stamping technology with thermochromic function The holographic positioning hot stamping technology with thermochromic function consists of precise dealumination technology, ink anti-counterfeiting technology suitable for high-speed hot stamping, and special printing process technology.

Typical technology: The emerging RFID (radio frequency identification) technology will inevitably penetrate into the field of cigarette packaging after achieving good results in the field of logistics and financial charging.

3. The anti-counterfeiting technology of cigarette packs with bizarre packaging effect not only has the function of anti-counterfeiting, but also plays a role in transmitting product information and promoting the brand image due to its bizarre packaging effect. Printing anti-counterfeiting technology, ink anti-counterfeiting technology and series of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology can all play this role.

4. The combination of science and technology and management technology Commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting needs to be completed by merchants, anti-counterfeiting enterprises and packaging enterprises. This requires that for the anti-counterfeiting technical information of commodities packaging, there should be a complete set of management measures between the enterprises and the relevant personnel. Strict requirements are required to avoid the leakage of anti-counterfeiting technical information and use by counterfeiters, and whether the anti-counterfeiting products themselves are qualified is also critical.

Related information: The German Kurz Company is a leader in the hot stamping industry and has been devoted to the research of hot stamping technology.

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