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When spring arrives, can summer be far behind?
On a sunny weekend, wearing a quick-drying suit launched this summer to climb the mountains and outing. Here's a quick talk about the wearing experience in a two-day event.
Product Name: 07 Kuma Fast Drying Clothes Brand: PROTW (Patente)
Color: Khaki, Army Green, Iron Gray, Aqua Blue, Orange Size: S—XXL
Fabric: 100% nylon
Packing: PVC plastic bag Uses: outdoor sports, sports games, urban leisure

I wore this orange quick-drying test, which was color-appropriate for women. Many details of the quick-drying clothes are very commendable, reflecting the human side of the PROTW brand.

Clothing follows the consistent style of quick-drying clothes and multiple pockets are designed on both sides of the chest to prevent bills and other outdoor gadgets. Small hanging buckles under the pockets allow easy hanging of light and small items such as lifeguard whistle and compass. The right upper arm is designed with a mobile phone pocket for easy access. This quick-drying garment can still be used as a short-sleeved pull-up. Personally I think this is one of the most user-friendly and practical designs for all long-sleeved quick-drying garments.

Quick-drying clothes can still be used as short-sleeved

The right upper arm is designed with a mobile phone bag

A small hanging buckle under the pocket for hanging lightweight items

The circular design of the hem of the quick-drying clothes adds a bit of a casual touch to it. In addition to being suitable for outdoor sportswear, everyday urban wear is also suitable.
Quick-drying clothes back through the fabric, increased air circulation, greatly improving the comfort of the clothing. This advantage is even more pronounced in non-loaded events.

Quick-drying back mesh fabric

When you get this quick-drying clothing, it feels soft and moderate under the touch. The upper body of the garment is in contact with the skin without any discomfort and is very comfortable. The surface of the garment fabric has been washed with water, so that the product is still bright after many times of sweating and daily washing, and there will be no decoloration or the like. After the wearing experience, the sweat-absorbing performance of the apparel fabric after a large amount of exercise is better than other fabrics. However, the quick-drying properties of the fabric after sweating are slightly worse.

The introduction of this apparel fabric mentioned antibacterial and deodorant functions. However, this feature has no chance to be reflected in the test. Because it is not sterile to find a reasonable test method, and secondly if it can ensure regular cleaning of clothes, there will be no odor in itself, and the odor-resistant test will be impossible to talk about. However, the 30 times UV protection function of apparel fabrics is worth praising. After all, in summer outdoor activities, how to reach the sun is a big issue. In the case of wearing the quick-drying clothes on two days, neither the arm nor the quick-dry clothing sheltered part showed obvious signs of tan.

The joints and force parts of the quick-drying clothes are all multi-layered sutured to ensure their service life. The stitching of other parts is even and smooth, with no obvious thread and fine detail.

Smooth alignment, multi-layer stitching of key parts

The only fly in the ointment is that the quick-drying clothes are too loose in terms of tailoring and are not suitable for many MMs that embody the figure.

Summary: This quick-drying suit is suitable for urban leisure, ordinary sports and outdoor sports. The fabric is comfortable and the details are in place. Wear it for men and women. Is a recommended outdoor clothing.

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 Quick lead times

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 Free-pre-production samples

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1. When the diameter is set, the tube length can be adjusted. 2. The chart is only for reference, and capacity and length can be customized along with the specific diameter of tube. 3. All the tube length refers to the testing result after sealing, if the customer need to seal tubes by himself, the tube length should be increased 10-20 mm.

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