Rich media teaching resource library management system

The iMedia rich media teaching resource library management system is a total solution for the management of various rich media and content (such as video / audio materials, text files, charts, etc.). It satisfies the requirements of collecting, storing, searching, editing, and publishing various information, and provides users with a convenient method of content access, so as to efficiently save and use teaching media assets. The IMEDIA rich media teaching resource library management system takes the digital storage of rich media teaching materials as the core, the purpose of resource sharing, and the creation of high-quality resources as the core. It is oriented to the processing of massive resources and integrates distributed storage of resources, resource management, resource evaluation, and knowledge management. As an integrated resource management platform. It has functional modules such as the construction and management of professional teaching resource libraries, which can realize the rapid uploading, retrieval and archiving of resources; the multi-level distributed storage of resources and the joint construction of professional resources joined by schools. At the same time, it can also produce quality courses and online course resources. It has two major subsystems: professional teaching resource database management function, network teaching and excellent course construction; seamless connection between the two systems. The number of courses and users is not limited.

The iMedia rich media teaching resource library management system consists of four basic systems: input and output subsystem, content management subsystem, storage management subsystem, and content publishing subsystem. The system structure complies with the loosely coupled architecture and realizes the independence and coupling of the system. Independence means that each subsystem in the system can run independently and be used independently to complete the corresponding functions. Coupling means that each subsystem in the system can be integrated into a unified media asset management platform. Through the integration and collaboration between the various systems in the platform, the collection, storage, management and release of media assets are completed. The system is very open, and each subsystem provides a standard interface to achieve interconnection and interoperability between systems within the platform and with third-party software. All four subsystems can operate independently.

● System function

1. The iMedia professional teaching resource database management system has the following functions:

1. It has a complete library category: professional standard library, network course library, excellent course construction library, professional information library, professional special topic library, professional test paper library, professional picture library, professional video animation library, professional cooperative enterprise library, professional literature Library. Users can maintain the resource library by themselves.

2. Co-construction and sharing of resources: Users can access, upload, download, store, and use the resources in the library through the network at any time and anywhere;

3. WEB integration: Based on the WEB application mode, teaching resource production, management, information release, teaching exchange, resource sharing and communication can be carried out online.

4. Resource retrieval: Provide users with multiple retrieval functions of resources in the resource library. Such as course navigation, resource library navigation, professional thematic navigation, etc., to facilitate learners to use.

5. Online communication: Provide BBS services, education forums, e-mail service systems, and realize online or offline online communication and counseling for online teaching.

6. Autonomous learning: Provide a complete network course library, courseware library, material and case database, expert question answering guidance system, and users can complete professional course learning independently.

2. The management subsystem of iMedia professional teaching resource library includes the following modules:

1. Resource upload processing sub-system: The system supports two ways to upload resources. One is that registered users upload local resources to the resource server at the front desk. After uploading, the resource library administrator needs to review and accept; the other is The resource pool administrator performs batch storage of the existing resources already on the resource pool server, which is to add the resource retrieval information to the database resource center in batches. The resource upload process also automatically generates thumbnails, animated screenshots, video key frames, and automatic classification through intelligent operation.

2. Resource management sub-system: The system supports the review and acceptance of resources uploaded by users, as well as the bulk storage of existing resources, and other resource management, such as setting the star rating, scope of application, download points, resource release, Evaluation management, log management, etc., resource catalog import / export, and resource cleanup, deletion, etc.

3. Resource sharing sub-system: The system supports incentive mechanisms such as individual members, school joining, co-building sharing, and points to encourage users to contribute resources. The more contributions, the more points, the more feedback, the resources that can be downloaded and used The more.

4. Resource browsing and content retrieval sub-system: The system supports resource discovery (keyword search, full-text search, advanced search, related search) to find the resources you need, online preview, online on-demand, resource download, and can upload resource evaluation Or browse the resource evaluation.

5. System management sub-system: The system supports user management and basic data management of the system, such as storage scheme, organization settings, system configuration, point management, log query, etc. As a WEB site, it also provides site settings, interface customization and personalization, information release and other functions. As a logged-in user, you also need personal space, including personal information (upload resources, download resources, credit records), schedule, message, personal bookmarks and other functions.

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