Solvent Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Properties

Solvent Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Properties:
● Excellent transparency, weather resistance and heat resistance (-40~200°C) ● Excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, and water resistance ● Rich in type, free design, and strong changeability ● Stable performance, low discoloration, and substrate Good adhesion ● High polymer cohesion, suitable for products with high durability requirements

Doll Character in Soft Plush Material is the best performance, but also the most difficult Showing ways, what-never we still fight to try develop out one by one Perfect doll character from a simple drawing or a photo you have long time, Our dreams is do a doll plush like real, Still in the ways, and wish you give us chance to offer you a perfect souvenir doll, its can be the best memory for your loved Star, great man even the god. Await your comment and artworks, we are ready to start work by 7*24 hours. 

Plush Doll

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