Stem cells show gender differences, female tissue regeneration is easier

A recent study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical School found that there are gender differences in stem cells. Stem cells extracted from female mouse muscles are more likely to differentiate into body tissues than male muscles. This discovery will have an important impact on stem cell therapy for many diseases.

After injecting stem cells, the researchers measured the stem cells' ability to regenerate muscle fibers, and then found that female stem cells can produce more muscle fibers than male stem cells. Researcher Johnny Harder said: "Whether the diseased mice are male or female, injection of female stem cells always has better skeletal muscle regeneration capacity."

Scientists accidentally discovered in long-term research that almost all stem cells used came from female mice. They then conducted experiments on stem cells from males and females and found that there was indeed a difference between the two.

We know that embryonic stem cells can differentiate into various body tissues, while muscle stem cells extracted from adult animals can only differentiate into a few types of tissues.

The researchers injected muscle stem cells extracted from healthy mice into mice with genetic diseases, some of which are similar to human myogenic muscular atrophy.

The researchers believe that the source of this difference may be that female stem cells can better cope with the immune response. When the stem cells are injected, the relevant body tissues become inflamed and the liver cells will face many free radicals. At this time, the self-replication of male stem cells will be hindered.

However, the researchers still do not know the root cause of this difference, but they believe that this difference exists in other organisms, including humans. The research results were published in the "Journal of Cell Biology" published on April 9.

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