Structural design of a new type of open steel barrel closure

Structural design of a new type of open steel barrel closure

Yang Wenliang

Abstract At present, closed-mouth bolt-type closures are widely used in China's open steel drum sealing structures. The sealing method is reasonable, but it is found that the structure has many inconveniences and unreasonable points in use, mainly because the welding locking ears are located outside the circumference of the barrel body and also outside the circumference of the barrel hoop. It is often caused by obstructing the rolling of the steel drum or damage to the locking ears due to collision. In addition, due to the external welding of the locking ears, it is often difficult to assemble and tighten the bolts because the centers of the two holes are not in the same line.

In this paper, a new type of closure structure is designed. The outer welding locking ear is placed inside the top cover of the bucket, which not only completely eliminates the above various deficiencies, but also makes the structure more scientific and reasonable, and is more convenient and safer to use.

Key words full open barrel, closure, structure


The open barrel is a variety of steel drums and is widely used. The determination of its structural type began after the national standard GB/T 13251 "Packaging container steel drum sealer". The national standard stipulates two types: straight-open steel drum and open-neck steel drum. The barrel closure type is also divided into two types: bolt type and lever type.

Closed hoop bolt type closures are the most widely used. It consists of a closed hoop, a locking ear, a bolt, a nut, and the like. Due to the many defects in the structure of such a closure, the application thereof is greatly limited and causes a lot of inconvenience to the user.

First, the status quo analysis

The structure of the current standard straight-opening bucket in China is shown in Figure 1. It consists of a barrel body, a barrel bottom, a bucket top, a gasket, and a hoop-type closure. The closed hoop bolt type closure is composed of a hoop, a lock ear, a bolt, a nut, etc., and a part of the assembly part thereof is shown in FIG. 2 .

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the open steel barrel

Figure 2 Partial sectional view of the assembly part

A closed hoop bolt type closure is used to weld a lock ear with a small round tube hole to the outside of the V-shaped hoop interface. When assembling, pass the bolt through the holes of the two lock ears and tighten the nut. In this way, the hoop tightly closes the lid and the barrel to achieve a closed seal, as shown in FIG.

Figure 3 fastener connection diagram

As can be seen from Figure 3, the locking ears and the bolts and nuts are placed outside the hoop. When used, problems often occur here. Since it is located outside the circumference of the barrel, it often encounters collisions during loading and unloading. It not only hinders the rolling of the steel drum, but also takes up unnecessary space when stacking. When loading and unloading steel drums, the lock ears often collide or fall off, or deform. When it falls off, it loses the sealing effect, and the deformation makes the opening and closing of the lid extremely inconvenient.

According to the shape and size requirements stipulated by the national standard, the problem that the domestic manufacturers have not solved is that the center lines of the two lock ear holes are not on the same line during assembly. In fact, this is the most unreasonable part of this structure. Since the outer surface of the hoop has a circular arc shape, the center line of the lock ear hole is along the tangential direction of the arc after the lock ear is tightly welded, so the two lock ear holes are not on the same straight line. In this way, the assembly of the bolts is very difficult. Even if it is barely assembled, it is often distorted and deformed. Not only is the assembly accuracy extremely poor, but it also causes great inconvenience to the user. Figure 4 shows the actual situation of the lock ear assembly in production. The assembly situation shown in Figure 3 is an ideal situation, which is difficult to achieve in actual production.

Figure 4 The center line of the two lock ears is not on the same line.

Second, the design plan

In order to solve the unscientific and unreasonable problems of the current closed structure of the open barrel, the author has designed and tested various schemes and designed a relatively complete closure structure according to the relevant foreign materials, as shown in Figure 5. . This new structure consists of left and right locking ears, left and right nuts, tie rods and rivets.

Figure 5 new design locking structure

All the components of this structure are placed in the hoop ring, and the left and right lock ears are stamped and bent, so that all the components are caught in the concave neutral of the top of the bucket cover, thereby avoiding collision or possession during loading and unloading transportation. The external space causes inconvenience to the stacking code. In addition, because the rivet joint between the lock ear and the nut enables the two parts to rotate with the rivet as the axis, thereby achieving the purpose of automatic centering of the two nuts, overcoming the original structure, the center of the two lock ear holes is not on the same straight line, and the bolt assembly Difficulties of difficulty. It is more convenient to assemble and open the closure, and it is safer to use.

According to this design idea, another type of full-opening barrel sealer specified in GB/T 13251, the hoop type lever type closure, can also be modified. The lever can also be designed inside the hoop, so that it can also Improve the security of their use. Figure 6 is a physical diagram of the new lever type closure.

Figure 6 The physical diagram of the new lever type closure

Since there are many types of full-opening barrels, such as the difference between the straight-opening barrel and the open-necked barrel, the difference in the size of the different sizes, etc., a more accurate detailed design cannot be performed here. Here, I have only carried out a more complete concept, and I hope to improve the structure of the steel drum. In general, the main parameters can be determined by referring to the following table:



Lock ear (thickness)

Scope of application
















Less than 45L

In terms of mass production, the new design structure is more than the original structural parts, and the processing is more difficult. However, if the production process arrangement and equipment are on the right track, there will be no problem in production. We must consider the long-term, consider the users, and treat each practical problem with a developmental perspective. As long as it is advanced, developed, and beneficial, we should promote it and popularize it.

Third, the conclusion

The design of the new structure of the open steel drum sealer provides a new idea for the advancement of steel drum products. The questions it raises are those that people have already known but have not been solved. The emergence of the new structure will eliminate many unreasonable and unreasonable factors in the structure of the open steel drum sealer, and will go to the market with a new structure and become a replacement product of the open barrel sealer. Not only does it provide users with more convenient and safer packaging, but it also has a wider market for open steel drums due to its new features.

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