Summer makeup emergency

In the hot summer, the makeup that is easy to spend is always maddening. No matter how good the moisturizing foundation, you can't help it. Let the beauty masters teach you summer makeup first aid , so that your makeup is clear and docile.

Summer makeup emergency

Summer makeup emergency

1. Pour a pot of hot water first, put your face close to the basin, and cover the head and washbasin with a towel so that the steam will not be lost. The steam is concentrated on the face for about 5 minutes.

Tips: Hot water steamed face can soften the old dead skin on the face, while expanding the pores, easy to clean the grease and dirt in the pores.

2. Apply cleansing lotion after cleansing. Then use the same cotton pad and refill with toner.

3. Divide the cotton pad into two thin pieces from the middle.

4. Then apply the ripped cotton pad soaked in lotion to the dry cheeks and use it as a concentrated moisturizing mask.

5. Cover with plastic wrap and apply for 3 minutes.

Tips: Because plastic wrap can increase the temperature of the face and increase blood circulation. It also prevents the lotion from evaporating and more completely absorbs the nutrients in the toner.

6. Finally, apply eye cream and face cream as usual, and cover your face with your hands for about 15 seconds. This can also warm the skin and make it easier to absorb the cream. Finally, you can apply makeup!

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