Tabasco's popular bag pattern

   U.S. Packaging won the 2nd Printing Achievement Silver Award and used metallized OPP bags to package Tabasco cheese popcorn. This 2-ounce bag is available at Houston Harvest and Franklin Park, Illinois, and is made from OPP/ink/glue/metallized OPP. Through the production of Phototype's NuDot prepress system, they produce clear images. The technology is said to increase image sharpness and brighten colors, as well as provide higher density, smoother decorative images and clearer text. Perfect artwork and superb printing helped the package attract consumers' attention at the time of purchase.

This shiny metallized OPP film plus NuDot technology produces high-definition graphics and clearer text for smooth packaging. According to APC, NuDot also gave Tabasco cheese popcorn bags more attractive sales, especially in non-traditional openings where flexible packaging is not common. Due to the lower cost compared to traditional media, more printing benefits are provided.


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