Teach you how to properly use and maintain various die cutters

The holding point of the round die cutter is large investment and easy to damage. Factors that affect the life of the die cutter mainly include: the types of substrates that are die-cut, the types of inks printed on the substrates, and the maintenance conditions. If the printed matter is printed with metallic ink such as gold or silver, the wear of the cutter will be accelerated when die-cutting.


Store the die cutter in a cool, dry place. To prevent the blade from being cut, use a nylon brush to brush a thin layer of engine oil at or near the blade edge. It is best to use a box provided by the supplier of die cutters during storage to ensure that the blades are not in contact with any part or item in the box. The mould cutter can be wrapped in foam plastic. The support block in the box must be supported on the short shaft at both ends of the die cutter and cannot be supported on the blade.


When packing and transportation are required, it is necessary to use suitable size and strong boxes. Only one die cutter is placed in each box. The surface of the die cutter is covered with foam plastic. The short axes at both ends of the die cutter need to be covered with wooden blocks with holes respectively, and the wooden blocks are fixed in the box to prevent the die cutters from shifting in the box during transportation. The outside of the box must be secured with straps. The surface of the box must be marked with the words "consumables" to attract attention.

Lifting and handling

When lifting and handling in the workshop, apply a cloth cover on the surface of the die cutter to prevent damage to the blade. When installing other parts, it is necessary to prevent the parts from loosening and fall on the die cutter. Otherwise, the die cutter will be seriously damaged.

Use maintenance

When using a die cutter, be sure to stick to the manufacturer's roller scraping felt and apply a proper amount of lubricant upwards every day to keep the die cutter roll shoulder and the bottom anvil roll clean and form a thin layer between the two. Thin oil film improves the wear resistance of the cutting edge of the die cutter and the anvil roll.

In the process of use, it is necessary to keep abreast of the wear of the die cutter gear and replace the gear in time if necessary. Because during processing, the manufacturer intentionally makes the hardness of the die cutter gear slightly lower than the hardness of the anvil roller gear, so that the wear occurs first on the gear of the die cutter. This avoids frequent replacement of the more expensive and difficult to disassemble anvil roll gear. This situation is very similar to the relative hardness of the plate cylinder gear and the impression cylinder gear, because it is easier to replace the plate cylinder gear.

When die-cutting, remember to apply pressure evenly. The surface of the die cutter is covered with a layer of cover to reduce the impact, and small scraps of paper can also be ejected.

Make a record

To develop the habit of recording, including the number of die cuts, the date of return of the die cutter, the condition of the die-cutting paper at each job, and the use of metallic ink if necessary. With reference to these records, we can know when we need to trim the die cutter in the future, and when to order a new die cutter, to avoid delays in production or waste.

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