The most popular retro feminine makeup

Retro makeup has become popular in fashion and beauty in recent years. Unlike other sweet makeup, vintage makeup is more fashionable and more feminine. Its retro style, mysterious makeup, cool feelings will become the role model for women who are now looking for avant-garde dresses. In fact, the retro feminine makeup is suitable for a variety of occasions, but also enhances the individual's fashion charm. The point is that it does not take a long time to draw. Let's take a look at how to simply draw a retro feminine makeup.
Retro makeup makeup vintage makeup painting makeup steps vintage makeup
Retro feminine makeup makeup steps:
Step1: Apply the foundation evenly with liquid foundation, and set the makeup with loose powder. Prepare a green color eye shadow No. 1 is pearl white, No. 2 is light golden brown, No. 3 is dark brown.
Step2: First use the eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrows and paint with the eyebrow powder. The light-colored crush can then use the brown eyebrow dye to make the makeup look more natural. Use the No. 1 pearly white eye shadow at the eye socket. Bottom the base and apply the 2nd light gold brown to the folds of the double eyelids.
Step3: Select the eye shadow flat brush, stain the 3rd dark brown eyeshadow, gently apply a line of eyeliner close to the eyelids, and use the eyeliner to make the eye lines look softer and more natural.
Step4: First use the eyelash curler to slightly curl the eyelashes. Use a long mascara to brush the upper and lower eyelashes to make the eyes look big and fascinating.
Step5: Because it is a retro look, so generally choose a more red lipstick, set off a different self.

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