The overall wardrobe development trend of emerging technology is a bright spot

With the emergence of smart homes in recent years that have changed people's lives, people's pursuit of home is not only aesthetic and practical, but also the pursuit of an emerging experience brought by intelligent technology. In order to meet the needs of consumers, wardrobe enterprises will naturally try their best to provide consumers with satisfactory products. A future science and technology war is filling the competition in the wardrobe market.

Intelligent trend

When we enjoy the high-tech achievements, we must first thank the lazy people in the world. Human nature is lazy. It is because of the ultimate experience of “lazy” that people are constantly exploring and inventing an amazing product. Naturally, household products are not to be outdone. If you think that the clothes are too cumbersome to sort and match, ironing is not good at it, washing the dishes will hurt your hands, and taking the quilt to the sun is very hard...

Modern smart wardrobes have captured the characteristics of people and launched new wardrobes. The intelligent environment optimization system can intelligently dehumidify, inhibit bacteria and aroma for the wardrobe, and provide a good storage environment for the clothes. The integrated digital control system can introduce the digital technology control system to realize the matching and classification of the computer smart clothes. As long as you stand in front of the closet and move forward and backward to achieve the best infrared image and high-definition camera to achieve image overlap, the portrait will be instantly displayed on the electronic screen of the cabinet door, and the virtual fitting will be performed using the clothing pre-stored in the system.

Material diversification raises concerns

In 2013, wardrobes and cabinets were not only made of wood, but the new substrate refreshed the history of panel furniture. This makes people wonder what can be done in the future cabinet?

At present, the world's first "aluminum wardrobe" debut, in the material, for the first time creatively selected the all-aluminum processing overall wardrobe, subverting the tradition of making panel furniture only with wood and wood-based panels. The innovation of this material also means that the wardrobe has truly achieved "zero formaldehyde". The use of aluminum has changed the size of the wardrobe sheet and its processing technology, breaking the environmental standards of the existing furniture E1, E0, and caused strong concern.

Home matching is becoming a reality

The overall home decoration is increasingly sought after by consumers, and today's consumers are pursuing the beauty of space and the experience of the senses. The integrated home improvement model has become a new development appeal put forward by the market to building materials enterprises. Therefore, style matching and furniture matching have emerged.

Customized wardrobes bring custom furniture, wardrobes, beds, bedside tables, shoe cabinets, bookcases, sofas and other furniture to be customized, in pursuit of a high degree of consistency and coordination in the overall style. The Novi family also covers the furniture in addition to cabinets and soft-packed products, taking a one-stop route.

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