The third reason for the common quality problems in honeycomb paperboard production

The third reason: The human factor is an important condition for ensuring product quality

It does not say that "as long as there are people who can create miracles", only pre-service training is emphasized. Because the third generation of honeycomb paperboard production has been implemented computer operations. The use of PLCs has only begun in recent years. Many companies, especially small-scale private enterprises, have on-the-spot recruitment of on-the-job employees. Although the enrolled workers all have a certain culture, they can be said to be specialized computers. No one knows what. In addition, the paperboard assembly line is a special machine. In addition to the general belt, chain, and gear transmission, the gas and hydraulic transmission is also very common. Together with the optoelectronic integration of the control system. This is simply reading the "book of the sky" for the newly-employed workers. It is understood that individual companies have bought a honeycomb paperboard production line, and most of them spent more than RMB 300,000 yuan on trial production before reluctantly producing qualified products. Although many companies are currently producing, at the beginning of the creation, the “tuition fees” handed in are still insufficient. Therefore, we must emphasize the pre-post training. The training must be well-informed and can not be emboldened. It is necessary to enable the operator to work independently and to handle the faults in production at any time to ensure product quality.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the flow of personnel is inevitable. To train skilled operators, companies must pay “tuition fees”. If a skilled worker leaves the company, although the recruitment is convenient, new workers must be trained from scratch, and the entire production line must not be paralyzed because of a mistake in one link of the cattle production line.

With skilled operators, then work out practical operating procedures and technological systems. If the post responsibility system can operate in accordance with the IS02000 version of the implementation of standards, I believe that the quality of the company's products will change with each passing day.

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