Tobacco brand packaging design

“Consumers often can't tell a product and its packaging. Many products are packaging, and many packaging is a product.” Tang Baker, a packaging design expert, believes that “the packaging is the face of the brand and is an easy-to-remember thing.” When it comes to branding, consumers immediately think of packaging, so care must be taken when changing packaging. You must design an easily recognizable packaging for your brand." These words vividly illustrate the role of packaging for product sales. As one of the elements of tobacco marketing, tobacco packaging design plays an unexpected role in market competition. Good tobacco packaging can serve as a standout among many products.

China's cigarette packaging has gone through four stages of development: The first stage is the initial stage of the founding of the country. At that time, the cigarette packs were all 50 packs, with a strong old Chinese color. Because of the scarcity of goods at the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, they had to adopt centralized packaging. Compared with external packaging, people valued the use value more; the second stage was the 1960s. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cigarettes have gradually become a kind of daily consumer goods. Therefore, from the point of view of convenient carrying, twenty small packages have gradually become popular, and cigarette cases are still dominated by soft bags. However, when the cigarettes were made rough and of poor quality, smoking was just as laborious as feeding babies; the third stage was after the Cultural Revolution. Cigarette packaging has made great progress. Aluminum foil, or tin package, has appeared. Like the “red tin package” of the cigarette factory in Qingdao, Shandong, whether it is in the quality of cigarettes or packaging, it was better at that time. Later, filters began to appear in the 1970s and gradually became popular; the final stage was after the reform and opening up. It can be said that during this period, the spring of cigarette packaging really arrived. At this stage, cigarette packaging has been on a new level year after year. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as "spiriting." After 1992, China's cigarette packaging has, to some extent, reached the world level and has always been at the forefront of the world. However, the phenomenon of excessive packaging is more prominent.

According to one source, in a supermarket in the U.S. that operates 15,000 products, the average shopper browses about 300 products per minute. Assume that 53% of purchase activities are impulse purchases, then the packaging effect at this time is equivalent to a 5 second-label TV commercial. Therefore, the role of brand packaging in the dissemination of the role under certain circumstances exceeds the effectiveness of general advertising. Because tobacco packaging is close to target consumer groups, it has accessibility and closeness, and it can quite easily achieve sales promotion. It can be seen that good packaging design has extraordinary charisma. While allowing consumers to be tempted, they have established product image and achieved sales goals. Therefore, in recent years, with the rapid development of the tobacco industry, more and more businesses have realized that cigarette packaging design has a direct impact on the market share of cigarettes, so they have introduced new packaging to some extent. The level of cigarette packaging design in China. For example, one of the famous brand "Welcome Pine" launched by Wuhu Cigarette Factory - the gold medal "Welcome Song", is positioned as "excellent in high-end products" (currently the highest retail price in Wuhu Cigarette Factory's products). Focusing on this positioning, designers are focusing on the “high-end products” standard in the choice of materials and craftsmanship. The gold medal “Welcome Pine” developed this time is packaged with green welcome pine and dreamy blue earth. Style, three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting image of the back of the cigarette box, using Germany imported security materials, printed by Bobst hot stamping machine. The anti-counterfeit image is bright and beautiful, with the same position, switching between different angles to see the words “Welcome Pine”, “Wuhu Cigarette Factory” and “yingkesong”, and use the laser micro engraving technology to sculpt “in the bottom fine grating strip” Letters such as "trustseal" need to be read with 20x magnifying glass. With this anti-counterfeiting technology, the cost of cigarette packs and cartridges will increase. Wuhu Cigarette Factory also chose a more advanced imported anti-counterfeiting technology. At the same time, cigarettes imported imported vertical ribbed paper, and cigarette packaging used domestic high-grade laser cardboard and other packaging materials. Utilizing advanced printing techniques such as UV and matte, we have created a new cigarette product that combines traditional classic recipes and modern scientific processing.

In another example, when the Ningbo Cigarette Factory introduced the silver “Red Eagle” in 1994, the front pattern was a combination of hot aluminum and concave and convex processes. At the time, these two processes were widely adopted and there was not much new idea. However, if used in combination, domestic manufacturers need two processes to complete. It is extremely prone to overprinting inaccuracies or excessive pressure, the phenomenon of anodized aluminum falling off, and extremely high scrap rate. . To this end, Ningbo Cigarette Factory specially selected a company with a relatively high production process in Hong Kong. Through accurate pressure measurement of hot stamping, this breakthrough was overcome, and a special ink was specially prepared to set the printing thickness. Cigarette paper not only retains the metallic luster of the matt silver paperboard material, but also presents a bright red color, which enables the silver “Dahongying” cigarette pack to maintain a high level of craftsmanship for a long period of time. Once it is launched, it is praised as tide.

However, there are also some tobacco companies lack of innovative packaging design ideas, even into the misunderstanding of cigarette packaging design. If some businesses are excessively pursuing the gentrification of cigarette packaging, they have launched such packages as “greatest”, “boutique” and “XXXX” and wait for the use of gold and silver to wrap them into the extremes of light goods, resulting in packaging ratios. Smoke expensive. According to relevant data, in 2002, the direct cost of a single type of cigarette box in China reached 3,150 yuan, of which the packaging cost reached 915 yuan, accounting for about 30% of the direct cost of a single cigarette box, and some even exceeded 50%. This is indeed a deliberate move. What most consumers want to buy is good and cheap products. This practice can only enable them to keep a respectful distance. Those who really buy cigarettes cannot afford to smoke, contribute to the luxury and corruption, and lack the individuality to pursue "foreign taste" blindly. Some merchants seized the psychology of some consumers admiring "foreign goods," and put a full package of "foreign flavor" on the goods. The entire package did not have a Chinese character and implemented a full "westernization", making it almost impossible for people to read Chinese cigarettes. . As everyone knows, this design style does not adapt to China’s national conditions. After all, the proportion of consumers who can understand “foreign language” in China is not large, so it is difficult for consumers to establish a brand image. The result can only be counterproductive; Some companies blindly imitate famous brands. Some businesses have spotted the psychology of some consumers admiring brand names, and they have produced similar, similar “brand-name” cigarettes. For a time, the twin brothers of famous brand cigarettes such as “Hongtashan”, “Malboro” and “555” are on the market. Everywhere, consumers are misled and the rights of consumers are infringed.

Packaging is the face of the brand. Therefore, many tobacco companies attach great importance to the design of tobacco packaging and use it as a brand for market competition. Some tobacco brands are blindly pursuing high-end products, so that “椟” is more expensive than “beads,” making consumers have no desire for consumption. So what principles should tobacco packaging design follow?

Cigarette packaging design as an important part of the tobacco industry design, we must inherit, explore the traditional art of the Chinese nation, innovation, design has a national style, but also the characteristics of the era of cigarette packaging.

(I) The principle of highlighting the personality of tobacco brands

The packaging design of tobacco brands is one of the important carriers for promoting the personality of tobacco brands. Especially in the current tobacco mainstream consumer group has a considerable quality of life, from the initial "quantity of satisfaction" to the pursuit of "quality of satisfaction" or even "emotional satisfaction" in the case of how to fully play the role of tobacco packaging advertising, All tobacco companies are at no cost. Because of the fierce competition in the face of reality, there will be fierce competition with deep market colors and brand design. Such as "China" is a typical representative of traditional works, has epoch-making significance. The red background looks full, sturdy, and very entertaining, with a strong festive color. Once the “Zhonghua” cigarette was launched, it could be said that the stars were holding the moon. Other cigarette factories followed suit. "China" can be called a generation of boutique cigarette packaging; say "Hongtashan", with white as the background, simple and elegant, at a glance, is the combination of internal and external.

(b) Principles that match the value and quality of tobacco brands

Paying attention to the packaging design of tobacco brands does not mean unlimited packaging. After all, consumers consume tobacco products themselves, not tobacco products. Therefore, the tobacco brand is not more upscale and better when it comes to packaging design. For example, in the rural cigarette market, consumers are quite large groups. Most of them only pay attention to prices, pay attention to reality, and do not pursue exquisite packaging. In their eyes, the lower the price, the better, or even just smoke. The same price, good quality is certainly preferred. If the tobacco brand wants to occupy the vast market in rural areas, either reduce the price or remove the exquisite packaging. In the face of high production costs, even if prices are reduced to occupy the market, it is certainly not much profit. If you remove the exquisite packaging, you can not only reduce production costs, but also can win the trust of consumers with excellent quality. Why do tobacco companies not enjoy it? Some tobacco companies have launched a very low price and packaging is very beautiful Cigarette products may not exist on the market for a long time. The reason is that their exquisite packaging gives consumers the impression that the price of a pack of cigarettes is only around three yuan, and even the cost of packaging is not enough. Can the raw materials used in cigarettes be good? Therefore, it is reasonable for consumers to give up other brands.

(3) The principle of highlighting the aesthetic function of tobacco packaging

Tobacco has a lifetime advertisement for tobacco. It is very important that it has a very strong sense of beauty. Consumers appreciate it as a kind of enjoyment, which stimulates consumption and desire. At the international level, industrial design including tobacco packaging is undergoing an evolution from "form-based, packaging-oriented" to "aesthetic-oriented"; from "technology-based" to "demand-centered". The evolution from "taking commercial marketing as the main body" to "taking environmental protection as the main body". This also raises new issues for China's industrial packaging. Tobacco packaging does not pay attention to the show, but does not reflect the product innovation awareness and modern awareness of brand-name companies. The ever-changing market has increasingly demanded higher and higher requirements for the aesthetic functions of cigarette brands. "Xiaolangdi" brand cigarettes can be called the leader in similar cigarettes in packaging design. "Xiaolangdi" brand cigarette trademark and decoration design image pattern is mainly silver white, yellowish substrate, the pattern is rigorous, full of strong national art atmosphere. The earth and stone dams are majestic and powerful. They are like a sturdy water "Great Wall". They intercept the Yellow River. The clear water of a lake in the reservoir area indicates that Luo Tobacco is prosperous and thriving. The Yellow River is a symbol of the spirit of optimism in Luoyang Tobacco Factory. The entire packaging pattern is elegant, concise and lively, with distinct personality, strong visual impact and aesthetic function.

Another example is the design of a "gold mango" cigarette label. Green is the representative color of “mango” smoke, which is consistent with the environmental protection of cigarettes. Underneath the green, the words "Gong Mango" are added to the Chinese character, and the color is made of noble golden color. The lines of the era breath are organically combined with the traditional green. The whole picture is lively and lively, and it is full of visual impact. In addition, the “Gold Mango” brand is designed from the cigarette branch, small box to the strip box using the current international advanced new thermal ink security printing technology, strip box and small box packaging on the “gold mango” three green Words, when it reaches a certain temperature, green becomes colorless, and green appears after cooling. The packaging design of the boutique “Golden Mango” is quite ingenious.

Another example is Japan's famous "Seven Star" cigarette design. "Seven Star" brand cigarettes are the best of Japan Tobacco International Corporation. In the global tobacco industry, it and the "555", "Marlboro" and other brand names dominate the world with their own unique tastes and enjoy a high level among consumers. The status and honour. The “Seven” Arabic numerals are an auspicious number in the cultural life of the Japanese. Folks use the special name of January 7th every year on the 7th of the lunar month, and pray for the well-being of the gods such as the Seven Lucky Gods. The use of “seven stars” as the title means that the blessing of the Seven Stars is both a symbol of peace and happiness in life and a symbol of the prosperity of enterprises and brands.

It uses a large area of ​​white as part of the main visual language, and uses the dots, lines, surfaces, and colors of European and American designs to create a style.

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