Tong Xin·Campoo prefabricated environmentally-friendly rubber runway

Product content:

“Combo” takes the transliteration of “Comfo” and takes one of them: The Combo Series provides a safe sporting surface for healthy babies and is suitable for training and competition venues where children or adolescents grow up. The second one is: The Herbalife series itself is related to environmental protection and chemical testing of the country and is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, clean and healthy products. The entire installation process is also simple and environmentally friendly and does not affect the surrounding environment.


product properties:

The product is optimized design, environmental protection, and cost-effective.


1, the use of green raw materials;

2. The specially designed material ratio achieves a particularly soft and gentle effect, effective protection, minor bone development, and avoid joint damage and hidden dangers;

3. Super slip resistance and smooth surface patterns provide the best combination of jogging, sports and walking for teenagers and elders to avoid accidental falls and falls.

4, the flexibility of the material is still in line with international standards;

5. Normal service life: 10 years.

Application scope:

1. The sports fields of primary and secondary schools;

2. Kindergartens, public places of activity, disabled people, and welfare facilities.

product type:

Provide a soft single type

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