Translated Five - Reasonable Arrangement of Rest Restoration Time

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Taking a break is an important part of any training program. Effective rest will allow you to avoid injuries and maximize your training.

After training the body during a certain intensity, often because of fatigue strength weakened. Muscles will be given the opportunity to re-growth to deal with the next train. This muscle regrowth is called super compensation. If you finish in the super-muscles Retraining before compensation, then the last training effort was more or less wasted.
How long you need to rest depends on your training intensity. Normal rest recovery time is around 24 to 72 hours. If you are not climbing the line of extreme ability, usually 24 hours is enough. If you are trying Red Dot every day For lines outside your ability, it may take more than 72 hours to recover.

Usually the over-compensation is divided into three phases. The first phase is within 30 minutes after completion of the climbing, which is basically the rest time of each climbing session. The second phase is about 16 hours later. At this stage you would be able to recover to the extent of 80% during the last training. this means that if you climb every day, then your physical fitness will become increasingly weak. the third stage is the key to the power of growth. muscles to fully recover and become at this stage Stronger. Generally, muscle soreness disappears as a sign of completion in the next phase. Therefore, before muscle soreness does not completely disappear, you should stop training for muscle growth and recovery.

A friend of the author's bicycle enthusiast once said: You will always be fully prepared for the next training. If you are weak on the rock wall and perform abnormally, the only explanation is that you need to rest. You should arrange reasonable on your rest day. sleep, eating, and even can be extended days off to do some sport other projects (jumping rope, jogging, swimming). the truth is that muscle is to get new strength when you're resting, so do not mean to give yourself more time.

Translation work comes to an end~~~~~~ Take a break, 嘿

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