UK launches biodegradable mineral water bottles

The first batch of biodegradable mineral water bottles developed and produced by the British company Belou was recently put into the UK market. A revolution in the plastic container and packaging industry is beginning quietly. The water bottle is made of plant-based plastic, which greatly shortens the time required for degradation, and is another new breakthrough in the application of environmentally friendly materials.

Berlu, which produces biodegradable mineral water bottles, is a company that is committed to the development of green products. The bottle is made of corn-based plastic, and although the capacity reaches 0.5 liters, it can be fully degraded in just 12 weeks under the action of commercial fertilizers. Even with household fertilizers, the degradation process can be completed within 9 months to 1 year. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years for ordinary plastics to be buried in the soil to decompose. The widespread use of corn plastic bottles helps to fundamentally curb the unpleasant trend that the UK refuse dump will be flooded with more and more refractory plastic products.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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