Ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber industry will face new developments

In the 21st century, automation is the general trend of the ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber. In the face of technological level and continuous improvement of functions, intelligence is becoming more and more obvious, and the ability of the instrument to work independently has also entered a new milestone.

Automated instrument technology includes information collection, processing and application. Enterprise informatization is actually the integration and integration of enterprise information. To this end, automation and systematic information models must be used to simplify, rule, and abstract information in order to make the most effective use of information. This is a basic work in the field of automated instrumentation and an important means of unifying information expression.

The rapid development of industrial wireless communication technology is a significant bright spot in the field of automation instruments. Its characteristics are: diversified technical solutions, rapid increase in participants, and the establishment of professional organizations. The launch of a variety of wireless demonstration systems and measuring instrument prototypes will become the hotspot of major global automation instrument exhibitions.

In recent years, an important development of functional safety is that a large number of functional safety-certified instruments are introduced to the market. In order to strive for a favorable position in the competition, almost all instrument manufacturers will carry out functional safety research.

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