Uni-Pak Turnover Boxes that Save Up to 30% Storage Space

The Uni-Pak Turnover Box consists of a plastic polyester bottom plate with a locking device and a plastic polyester top cover, and a foldable Tri-Wall seven-layer corrugated cardboard surround. The double-layer heat-molded steel polyester bottom tray and upper cover are made of high-grade resin materials, and have significant impact resistance, and the service life can reach more than ten years. Tri-Wall water-resistant corrugated cardboard panels can also be used repeatedly.

Uni-Pak turnover box can be applied to electronic products, plastic products, metal products, fiber products, food products and so on.

Uni-Pak turnover boxes can be folded and the bottom and top lids can also be stacked. Compared with traditional packaging, it can save 30% of the storage space. Its assembly is very simple, one person can quickly and easily assemble or fold a Uni-Pak turnover box in one minute. Its unique patented locking structure makes the Uni-Pak turnover box unnecessary to pack, and gently locks the bottom bracket and the upper cover into one with the surrounding board, which is firm and convenient.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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