US experts: Chinese furniture is a victim of the US anti-dumping law

According to an analysis of the article published today, the US Department of Commerce made an anti-dumping preliminary decision on June 18, announcing that China’s wooden bedroom furniture exported to the United States would be subject to an anti-dumping duty ranging from 4.9% to 198.08%. The Chinese furniture involved in the upward adjustment of tariffs includes dressing tables, bed frames and bedside tables. This is the largest amount of anti-dumping cases against the US in China so far, involving a total amount of up to 1.2 billion US dollars.

The American Furniture Retailers Association, which represents more than 3,500 US furniture retailers, strongly condemned the decision of the US Department of Commerce. The association issued a statement on its website on June 18th. The statement said: "The manufacturers who filed complaints harmed the interests of American consumers and abused the US anti-dumping laws."

The statement also said that the US companies that filed complaints recently opened furniture factories in Vietnam and other countries, which fully shows that the American furniture manufacturer's so-called "protection of US employment through anti-dumping" is a deceptive lie. They do this, "not at all to save the job, but to satisfy the greed of a small group of people."

In the year of the election, the United States frequently launched anti-dumping investigations against China. So far, 57 kinds of Chinese goods have encountered anti-dumping "cold flow." When filing anti-dumping lawsuits, American manufacturers often like to "protect the American employment" as a banner. Dan, director of the Center for Trade Policy Research at the American Institute of Thoughts, Caucato Dr. Ikensen pointed out that such anti-dumping does not help solve the employment problem in the United States at the moment, nor does it help to promote "fair trade". Instead, it is increasingly "seeking some government companies that fail to seek government support and conflict." The weapon of normal commercial competition."

Ikenson said that the United States must immediately carry out drastic reforms on anti-dumping laws for four reasons. First, according to the anti-dumping law, companies that file anti-dumping complaints must achieve a certain proportion in sales in this industry, but this time A large furniture manufacturer has withdrawn from the appealing enterprise team and fundamentally changed this proportion. However, the Ministry of Commerce still accepts the appeal request, which is obviously unreasonable. Second, the normal price advantage is not equal to dumping. The low price of furniture in China is mainly due to the low labor cost, which is irrelevant to dumping. Third, the production enterprises that lose their advantage in competition often seek the help of the government to regain lost market and advantages. The result of this is that it is a serious violation of the rules of free competition and violates the original intention of anti-dumping. Fourth, if China has dumping behavior, then Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Brazil also have countries because of the labor costs of these countries and China. Almost, some are even lower, but why is China only listed as an anti-dumping object?

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