Weihai Xinhua Insurance Group “Integrity Insurance Autonomous Consumption” Outdoor Publicity Campaign

Weihai Xinhua Insurance Group “Integrity Insurance Autonomous Consumption” Outdoor Promotion Event Date:2016-03-21 12:40

On March 15th, Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Weihai Central Subsidiary (hereinafter referred to as Weihai Xinhua Insurance) organized employees to carry out independent consumer advocacy of credit insurance, strengthen the promotion of consumer protection day of 3.15, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Weihai Xinhua Insurance employees distributed prepared leaflets on basic knowledge of life insurance, consumer rights protection, and anti-money laundering to passers-by. At the same time, those who are in doubt have been patiently explained and saw lively explanations. Many citizens also volunteered to ask for a single page and listen to the preaching. Many citizens said that insurance is such a thing, and now insurance companies are not all deceptive, and claims are not as scary as hearing, but the process is not correct.

Through the advocacy and explanation of this event, some citizens have a relatively clear understanding of insurance and understand the basic process of claims. They also have a better understanding of the ways, harms, and precautions of money laundering, and have greatly strengthened the anti-money Money-laundering awareness.

Consumers are the foundation of our long-term development. Weihai Xinhua Insurance always adheres to the concept of customer-centricity and strives to safeguard the rights and interests of our customers. Through this promotional campaign, it not only strengthened communication and exchange between Xinhua Insurance and consumers, but also helped consumers improve their awareness of financial risk prevention. It also demonstrated a good image of the insurance industry that was open, transparent, and honest, and provided the public with a better understanding of insurance, Support insurance so that everyone can live a healthy and happy life

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