Why did British Huazhuang choose this wood?

What kind of wood is used in the products of Yinglunhuazhuang? What are the advantages?

There are three main types of wood used in Yinglunzhuang furniture: A: Russian elm wood; B: fir wood. C: Imported oak solid wood.

A: Elm wood

Elm description:

Elm is a deciduous tree of the genus Asteraceae, a genus of eucalyptus. Dry high three feet, leaves large round or oval. The young leaves and petioles are red, and the summer branches are slightly open with spikes of yellow-green fine flowers. Flowers are unisexual, monoecious. Flowers are not real.


Eucalyptus is a kind of high-quality precious wood that faces extinction in the north of the Yangtze River. It has a slow growth period and is particularly rare. It was distributed in the Shandong Peninsula and southwestern Shandong during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is mainly distributed in the Xing'an Mountains and the Russian territory in the northeast of China. Generally mature trees are between 30 and 50 years.

Wood features:

Clear texture, fine and uniform structure, smooth cut surface, beautiful pattern, moisture resistance, strong anti-corrosion, easy to dry, small shrinkage, no change, no cracking, no odor, no insects.


It is a high-quality material for many industries such as military industry, shipbuilding industry, high-end furniture, architectural decoration, musical instruments, sculpture, and molds. The industries in which people often use eucalyptus in modern life are:

According to the records of the two generations of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the coffin was the preferred wood for the production of utensils at that time, and it was the material of appreciation for the world. The Ming style furniture made of wood has the characteristics of practicality, appreciation and value-added of all mahogany furniture, and the quality of mahogany made of eucalyptus due to the unacceptable, dry, deformed and unsuccessful quality of mahogany. Since its introduction, it has been favored by many middle-aged and elderly people and its successful people due to its solid and durable nature and environmental protection.

Buttstock: It is used because of its hard, non-deformation, non-cracking and moisture resistance.

Piano: The pianos produced by the Pearl River Piano Factory are made of eucalyptus as the outer shell material. The echoes are thick, free of impurities and pure in tone.

Guitar: The handle of the red cotton guitar is made of eucalyptus. Take it without deformation, without affecting the pitch.

Shipbuilding: Shanghai Shipbuilders make extensive use of eucalyptus to make decks such as ships. Take it to moisture and corrosion.

The difference between domestic 楸 and imported 楸

It is also because eucalyptus wood has many excellent characteristics that other tree species do not have, which has intensified people's development and utilization of it. As a result of people's preferential cutting, the number of eucalyptus trees has decreased, and the natural distribution area has been shrinking. Because eucalyptus flowers are not real, few species are planted, and it is difficult to breed. Since ancient times, people have been using the method of "taking the stalker to plant" to reproduce eucalyptus, which has been passed down from generation to generation to form a single clone of eucalyptus. The development of eucalyptus is greatly restricted. At present, the resources of eucalyptus are decreasing day by day, and they are on the verge of “dangerous plants” and need to be saved.

British Huazhuang uses Russian imported eucalyptus. This kind of eucalyptus wood is long-lasting and has to be more than 50 years old. Therefore, the wood is hard, the color is golden, and the surface tree is less, and most of it is no coffin.

The northeast also produces eucalyptus, but the mature period is shorter. In about 30 years, the wood is slightly loose, the color is darker, and the surface is more scorpion.

B: Chinese fir wood

What are the main treatments of the solid wood we use?

1. Degreasing: Resin is the vegetable oil contained in trees. The logs are immersed in the pool for three months, and a special degreaser is added to the pool water to achieve the purpose of removing the resin. After degreasing wood, the resin has been removed by 60%, the resistance to deformation is enhanced, and the original natural fragrance of the trees is retained.

The degreased wood is not easily deformed during use and is not susceptible to insects.

2. Pest control: the wood is placed in a closed insecticidal room, and then the insecticide is placed indoors. The insecticide produces a strong toxic aerosol. The aerosol diffuses throughout the insecticidal room and enters the pest hiding place through the wormhole. The pest died within 10 minutes after inhaling the poison gas. After twenty-four hours, take out the poison gas and take out the wood.

The pest-treated wood ensures that the pests hidden deep in the wood are killed, ensuring that they are not continuously eroded during use.

3. Drying: Before use, put the wood into a special oven and heat it for 120 hours to gradually remove the water contained in the wood. Reduce the moisture content of wood to 6-8%. If the high temperature is forced to dry in a short period of time, the surface of the wood will crack due to rapid dehydration, and the internal moisture cannot be removed.

After the wood is heated for 120 hours, it needs to be cold for 48 hours before it can be taken out. Because in the cold process, its own heat should be further dissipated, which is emitted in the form of water vapor, so the water content is further reduced. . At the same time, the deformation due to heating gradually returns to stability.

The moisture content of wood is the most important physical property that determines whether the furniture is deformed and cracked during use. The international common standard is: the moisture content of finished furniture wood is ≤12%. Therefore, the furniture after drying can greatly reduce the probability of deformation and cracking.

4. Secondary dehumidification: After the dried wood is taken out, it will absorb the moisture in the air during the contact with the air, thereby increasing the water content of the self. Therefore, after the wood is taken out, it should be sealed with a protective film in time to isolate the air. When not in construction, the solid wood components should be placed in a constant temperature chamber in time. The constant temperature chamber is always controlled at 35 ° C, and the dehumidifier is dehumidified to ensure the removal of moisture in the air in the second time.

With secondary dehumidification, the moisture content of solid wood components can be avoided, ensuring that the moisture content is controlled within 12% when painting.

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