Yogurt bottle (cool) making Russian doll

Yogurt bottle making Russian doll

Yogurt bottle making Russian doll

Yogurt bottle handmade beautiful doll process

1, Russian dolls

2. Cut off the bottle and thin the edges so that the round mouth looks more like a head.

3, the doll made the top step:
(1), Chinese medicine box ( no one can use the newspaper to smash into a group instead of oh ) Use a scissors to cut a part of the buckle to the bottle and try to repair a reasonable part.
(2), the inside is thinned so that it can be more tightly buckled on the bottle.
(3), no Chinese medicine box can be replaced with a small foam ball .

4, the maternal basic shape production steps:
(1) The top and body parts are bonded with a hot melt.
(2) The whole paste twice the newspaper. 6, the painting on your favorite pattern is completed.

5, dolls coloring steps:
(1) Use a pencil to determine the position of the face and the position of the headscarf.
(2), choose the color you like to paint, and wait.

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